DNP RX1 Ribbon Error Message

Help! For the first time in over four years, I had to refund a cusomer and pack up and go home because I had a printer error that I was unable to correct in order to fulfil the job. :(

I had used the photobooth at an event earlier in the day with no issues. Packed up and went to the next job, which was a graduation party where I set up in the client's garage. When I plugged everything in and turned on the power to the printer, we blew a breaker. The client had a refrigerator and a Television going on the same circuit. She reset the breaker and I tried again, and again blew the breaker. She found another extension cord for us to plug into, and finally we had power BUT when I tried to print my first photo I got a "ribbon error" on my DNP RX1. There was an unfinished print in the printer. I removed it, renistalled the paper and ribbon and tried again. The printer acted as if it were going to print, but got the ribbon error message again. I turned everything off and restarted, and tried again. Same error message. I even took out the old roll of paper and ribbon (with half of it remaining) and installed a new roll of media and still the same issue. After 40 minutes of fooling with it, I told her that one option was that I could take photos and give them to her on a disk and refund her half the money. She was completely understanding and gracious but really didn't want to continue without prints, which I totally understood. So I refunded the money (ouch!) and packed up.

At home we tried again with the same problem. Could the power outage have done something to the printer? Any other ideas? It worked FINE at the earlier event. I am so frustrated. Fortunately it is fairly new (March) and still under warranty.

Thanks in advance!


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  • LorneChesal
    With electronics, anything is possible.

    If you do send it in under warranty, don't tell them this story... : )
  • necheez

    I didn't ;-).

    Theresa :)
  • Lucktech Photobooths
    Never, never, never be on the same circuit as a refrigerator! The draw from a fridge at startup is tremendous! Your RX1 alone will draw over 8 amps when printing. I have a couple of events coming up with the same type of setup. My contract specifically states about power sources: where they have to be and what they have to be.
  • Mike
    Our booths all have 650VA UPS systems in them. I highly recommend them to everyone as the batteries will help protect against surge and brownout damage.

    We use the [url=]APC BE650G1[/url]. This model has served us well and you can get one for around $50 on [url=]Amazon[/url]
  • thephotoboothco
    I Live in a country where power outages are the norm. We often have to use power supplied by diesel generators. We have come to learn a great deal about surge protection and sorting out printer issues during events. Our closest dealer to send the printers which are under warranty is in another country, so we dont have the luxury of running to them every time we have an issue.

    We have a DNP RX1 and on a number of occasions we have had the power cut whilst the printer was printing. Same issue as necheez describes, where printer just says "Ribbon error". When we opend up the printer we noticed the ribbon had been cut during the power outage. The immidiate fix is to replace the media, both the paper and the ribbon. We did this to continue the event without any further delays. Fortunately we had a spare set.

    When I got home, I unravelled the used portion of the ribbon (the one on the yellow plastic tube), and disposed of the actual ribbon but kept the tube. I then took the unused portion and rolled it around the plastic tube a few times, and placed it back in the printer, and it worked. Unfortunately when it did come to the end of that ribbon, the printer said there were 7 prints left, but the ribbon had finished. So I am assuming I wrapped it around 7 times.

    I have since managed to save quite a number of tubes, just incase, so that I will be able to do this on site. It should take around 10 minutes.

    Mike, thanks for the advice. We have had a UPS system on before but it didnt work. So I think we will look at getting a better make or just a different UPS.
  • Mike
    Great insight, thanks for sharing your personal experience. In regards to the UPS, you need to make sure it is large enough to keep the printer up at least long enough to finish a print. The RX1 is rated at 100VAC @ 2.9A or roughly 300 watts. I always try to have double the operating power for surge during motor startup. I would get at least a 650W UPS.
  • necheez
    Thank you all for your suggestions. I shipped the printer to be fixed, and will purchase 650W UPS to prevent future problems of this nature.
  • rebecca-geib-daniels
    I've had this issue twice in 4 years.  Both time I changed the paper and ribbon,  reset the printer countless times.  I even changed printers.  Turned out to be the laptop both times.  Printers worked fine once they were connected to a different laptop.  Remember, you can still take and save pictures and send after event.  This can save issuing a full refund.  It's not ideal, but may calm bride down if you suggest sending the pictures to the guests with the "thank-you" cards.
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