Do you limit clients to specific photo layouts?

Being a large supplier of templates with both the Design Shop and Booth Ninja I have definitely seen two types of photo booth owners. One offer a wide range of layouts from single shot to 4-up strips to postcards to portrait layouts. The other only offers one layout, typically a 4-up strip (sometimes a 3-up strip).

In my booth business we offer no limitations. A client can ask for 1-4 photos (we do limit the maximum number of photos for speed) and we can put them into any type of arrangement they need or the design requires.

I can see the thought process of offering a single layout and it simplifying and streamlining things. Is this the sole reason that PBO's are limiting their offering?

I am curious as to what you offer and what your thought process behind it is?


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  • Chuckles
    I limit it to Postcard and Portrait 4x6 layouts. Since I don't offer printing, only digital delivery, the strips don't make any sense as an offering with our setup at this point.
  • Mike
    That makes sense as it makes it so that your clients can easily make prints at a local CSV or Walmart, etc.
  • vreyes
    I offer both 2x6 or 4x6 but my partner (wife) and i custom design the templates to our clients theme and colors. so they are all usually different design templates unless they specify that they already like one of our previous design and we would just change the colors to match their theme.
  • Daytona photo booth
    I bought some templates from Mike and then change it from there. I thought about subscribing to a graphic stock for more options for the bottom of the strips.
  • Mike
    Do you limit your clients to only strips Daytona photo booth?
  • Daytona photo booth
    No I bought your post card template but haven't used it yet. I find more people like the strips better. Plus it work a lot better for the photo album.
  • mugshots
    I have several layouts available for full custom work, for which I charge an extra fee. For clients who use booth ninja, I stick with one strip layout and one 4x6 layout. For last minute bookings, I design something quickly in booth ninja and send them a screen shot of the preview page.
  • Mike
    Nice. Working on a review functionality for Booth Ninja. Slow going do to a million other things sucking my time. No screenshots then :)
  • flashasmile
    The less options the better. If you give them more options it starts getting complicated.
    I only use it as a selling point and by the time they decide to book with me they forget about it anyways.
    I think I've only asked a handful times if they could get a 3 or 4-up layout, etc.

    For corporate events I offer the 4x6 for larger logos and/or more advertisements.
  • Soundsations
    Been a while since I've posted at PBO, but this topic is interesting.  In the years I've been in this business, I've been able to compile a HUGE collection of design templates.  When booking a PB, I send a link to the hosting page that has a collection of some of my work.  Having a huge variety of designs to select from is what really sets me apart from the competition around here as most of them simply do a frame-less design with simple text somewhere....if their lucky enough to get that.  I've booked more deals immediately after sending the link to the samples than not.
  • cpphotobooth
    Mike- can you limit clients to only layouts/graphics of your choosing when using Booth Ninja? Are there defaults and do we have to use them? I enjoy designing the layouts/graphics and would like to stick with what I create.

  • spnewman3604
    We'll typically offer strips, either 3 or 4 picture and 4x6 postcards - a lot of these come from Mike's site but we have designed some internally. We try and get a brief from the client first, let them look at our picture gallery and go from there.

    It really depends on what the client is trying to achieve - we did a church event over the Christmas period where we printed 4x6 postcards with one picture. Many of those who had a picture taken were very low income and had never had a family photo done before. If they wanted more than one picture they could have one taken and we were able to print out additional copies if they wanted them.
  • mona
    We actually try to come up with something new each time.  It adds to our portfolio and the client loves getting something custom-designed to match their event.
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