Attendants Dress Code & Standards

Let's discuss what kind of standards you have in place for your attendants. This can be fairly general or specific but I think it will be interesting to see where everyone is at with this one. Do you require certain types of clothing? No piercings or tatoos showing?

Some more examples...
Do you require black slax, white, gray, or black shirts. Black shoes?
No Perfume or Cologne?
Timing requirements? Show up a 1 hour befor setup, 30 minutes breakdown?
Do you require them to notify you when they arrive and when the booth is setup and ready to go, etc?

So what kind of standards do you have? Let's discuss....go!


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  • Minh
    I usually get my attendants to dress in sync with each other

    Corp event/birthdays/reunions/college:
    Black or white Polo with logo embroidery + black or Khakis and black shoes

    for weddings/formal events:
    white long sleeve (or short sleeve in summer) + black pants & shoes
  • Daytona photo booth
    All black. I am working on getting shirts with logos. Have to be clean cut to work for me.
  • SillyShotz
    Weddings and evening corporate events, we usually do black pants, white shirt, tie and often a black or grey vest. Birthdays, graduations-khakis, nice polo shirt in summer, nice button down shirt or nice sweater in winter.
  • Martica
    We wear all black. My guys wear long sleeved black shirts with tie and black slacks. My gals wear nice black shirt/pants or skirt. No flip flops ever. For our casual events we wear white polos with logo or black T-shirts with logo.
  • jamierat
    We wear all black as well. We also supply a Setup Foto Box t-shirt so they do not get their nice shirt sweaty setting up.
  • HAMA Photography
    I wear black pants and shoes. Short sleeve polo with business name and contact details across the back.  I often get mistaken for the security guys.  I need to swap out the polo for something with sleeves.  its convenient though.  By the time ive unloaded the car and set up Im normally dripping with sweat.
  • bitcraft
    I wear a 3 piece grey suit, not unlike the one in the link with black shoes.  My wife works the booth with me and wears a nice dress.  Our booth is Victorian themed, so we dress nice.  No perfume, and we show up an hour early, leave whenever.

  • necheez
    For weddings and corporate events myself and the two women who contract for us usually wear grey or black dress slacks with a blouse and nametag.  My husband wears khakis and a polo shirt.  I can't get him to wear a nametag. ;)  We are thinking about getting polos  with the logo, but haven't yet.  If it's a school carnival or something more casual we wear jeans and a nice shirt.  We show up 30 to 45 minutes before to set up.  I haven't required my contractors to notify me when they arrive at a location, but that is a great idea.
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