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Thought I'd put this out to the forum..

If you're looking for onsite printing software, here's something to look at.   I've just released a PC based photo booth management software system on Github. It requires photoshop CS2 - CC, and can do greenscreen, animated gifs, photostrips, works on all print sizes, and can send images via email and MMS text messages.

You can find it at

Study the file thoroughly.  Use the Issues reporting method to report problems. I'll do my best to address issues asap. If you write software, feel free to contribute. I'm looking to add open source code for uploading images to Facebook and twitter.

Doug Cody
Bay Area Event Photography


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  • Mike
    Interesting. I didn't see any of your .NET code. I too have roll with Photoshop these days deeply integrated and controlled by my own software. It too is built on .NET 4.5, so I was curious to see what you had going on.

    Any reason for releasing this as open-source?
  • Pgmrgeek
    Hi Mike

    First, the .NET portion is the visual basic program "Pic2Print" that runs the entire setup;  its the core piece to the management system.  Photoshop acts like King Kong in chains to state machine driven by action sets &  javascript.  You can find the source to Pic2Print in a separate repository.  The repository listed in the post is for the run-time release.  Just click back to the root in the account and you'll see three repositories.


    My prior career was writing software, and now I have a business in photography.  This program has been a creeping evolution for the past year, integrating features as needed.  All the code ( and photoshop actions) are an accumulation of about 8 years of programming bits and pieces in photoshop, now tied  together with the program. My motivation started when I gave my daughter all the gear & web domain to start in the business,  but she  needed something better than a raw photoshop interface.

    Why put it out to Open Source?

    So it lives forever.  Its going to be a geek tool, much like Gimp is to Photoshop.  It'll never replace the commercial packages, just like Linux never replaced Windows desktop in the home.  Its better for the advancement of the code to open it up.  Again, its complex in the coding, easy in the interface.  Novices will buy the commercial packages for the support.  Support will be limited for this.  And for me, in my OCD-ness, it keeps me moving to improve it and keep it simple.  I'll probably end up spending too much time in the evenings/weekends adding features.

    Check out the second repository - Addon Layouts.  These are cute animated GIFs.  See attached..
  • Mike
    I will have to pull it down and check it out. Your results look nice. I have to say that I've been quite pleased with the results of mine running Photoshop in the background. I love the analogy "King Kong in chains".

    Thanks for the share.
  • Pgmrgeek
    Well just think what can be done!  Layers, transforms, filters, rendering, printing, 3D modeling and movies. Its by far the most incredible graphics engine on the market for $9.95 a month..   I don't need to create camera connect software - that's been done.  Don't need to create printer interfaces - that's been done.  Don't need to create a graphics engine - that's been done.  Just gotta control the inputs to outputs in an orchestrated orderly manner.

    One of the subtle but critical pieces of Pic2Print is the tracking of number of prints per image.  The biggest problem in onsite print management is knowing what you've printed, and what you have to print.  This program started out simply by giving the operator a view of each image and the printed count.  It grew from there into something huge, so I visualize it as the Hindu Goddess Durga. Its event driven, runs two background threads, a timer thread, gives the operator a control view, guests another view, load balancing between printers, Kiosk mode,  delivers images to a hot folder for PicPicSocial, cloud and slide shows, send emails and MMS messages, all the while keeping King Kong grinding wheat into flour.

  • Pgmrgeek
    Daily update #3 - GEEK ALERT!

    Just added a user defined text layer to the image processing.   All images now have a top layer with text that the user can enter (see preview panel email dialog; I'll move that  to a better place soon).

    A new layout will be published soon that demonstrates the use of the text layer in a oh-so similar Wheaties cereal box.  The text will be displayed as part of the printed image.  Headed to the office now, will publish the layout tonight after walking the doggies..



  • mugshots
    This sounds fascinating. I just saw this today, so I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. I do have one question though... You mentioned Gimp... Why didn't you use Gimp instead of Photoshop?
  • Mike
    Gimp doesn't provide a COM object that you can deeply control. This is very similar to what I am running these days, though @Pgmrgeek has built his out much further than I have.
  • Pgmrgeek
    Hi Mike,

    Did you have a chance to run PhotoboothMgr?
  • Pgmrgeek
    Hi Mike,

    Check out the latest edition, version 11.01.  The software now supports email/txt messaging of images to be printed (KIOSK mode),  filters (Think instagram, hipstamatic filters), and the creation of serialized raffle tickets, etc.

    The email/txt messaging uses Modzilla Thunderbird and an attachment plugin to send all images to the KIOSK folder.  The software was tweaked a bit to make this work seamlessly by properly "decorating" the file name to work with operator configuration.  I've run it a few times at parties, and its a kick.  People can send photos from their cell phones to the printer WITHOUT DOWNLOADING AN APP!.  (I hate having an app for everything..)

    The filters are cool.  The operator can apply up to three filters to each print for all sorts of combinations. The typical stuff is in there - B&W, Sepia, Cyanotype, Contrast, Saturation, and a simple HDR simulation.

    The raffle ticket idea came from DNP's perforated 6x4 paper stock.  The software serializes each image and that number is placed in a text layer which can be placed on the ticket.


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