I am going to start off this post by saying that the owner (Seye) has been great with answering our questions/phone calls/ overall customer service.

We are finding that this software/app is not reliable. Initially, it was just simple firewall issues (which Seye helped us address), but now it is a matter of connecting the IPad to the computer (we never know if it is going to work- total crapshoot every time). Our wifi signal is strong (we always provide our own), the two are in close proximity to each other etc. We did an event this past Sat. and the app just decided to stop working an hour in (with a line 10 people deep). We spent the majority of the event trying to get it up and running again (which it did not).

We have corporate clients who use our kiosk (and are counting on recieving data). It would (obviously) be a poor reflection on us if we were unable to fulfill our contract.

Has anyone else had this issue? Do you prefer another kiosk app?




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  • flashasmile
    Nope works great.
    I would do a process of elimination.
    Check your PC. Is it struggling? are there errors? is the wifi card intermittent? virus?
    What kind of wifi are you using? Are you sharing from your phone?  PC? hotspot? or router?

    Many times the problem I have is my wifi signal strength from my hotspot and connecting to the license server.
    So what PicPic Social recommends authenticate your software at home or where there's good wifi leave the app running and when you get to your event it will not have to re-authenticate.

    I have experience an hour or 2 into working that picpic social stops working. Sometimes I have to restart the server or just wait. usually again it's my wifi that gets bogged down transferring the pictures. Check your internet connection, I've experienced it going down and then I had to restart my hotspot. I use AT&T and they just suck in my area especially indoors. If it's your hotspot see if there is any updates to firmware or google it see if it has intermittent problems. Switch carriers as a last resort.
  • elitecustom
    I have had the IPad stop receiving the pictures a couple of times,  i have just turned the picpic program off  and restart it  with the same settings and folder and they will all come back.   i see why it would be difficult with a line but it doesn't really take very long.

    caleb From

    Elite Custom Photo Booths
  • SeyeDotCo
    @cpphotobooth I'm very sorry for this delayed response as we haven't checked in here in some time.

    Some users have experienced issues with PicPic Social not receiving images some time into the event. This bug has been addressed in the latest version of PicPic Social (3.0) which has been rebuilt from the ground up to address this issue in particular. This is what we have done to solve the problem:

    Connection indicator - In the top right hand corner of the picpic app, there is an indicator that lets you know if the iPad is connected to the server. Red = disconnected Yellow = Reconnecting Green = Connected
    Auto Reconnect - PicPic Social has always reconnected when disconnected, but we completely re-did the way PicPic reconnects to the server if there is a dropout. Picpic will show the yellow connection indicator and they reconnect and download any missed images
    License Server - PicPic no longer checks your license every time you launch the app. You can now only be on the internet once a month and picpic will allow you to run the app.

    Again, I am very sorry you have had these issues, but we have done heavy testing with users experiencing this issue and we're proud to say its been addressed! Please give us a call at 800-916-7705 if you have any questions or need help getting the version running.
  • kevin-colangelo
    uninstall anti virus and disable firewalls and windwos defender then lower all your internet security settings to low in internet options and disable pop up blockers and anything - reduce cookies to off;

    disable windows updates, to manual, and disable search indexer to manual;

    use a tool to check your down and up speed;

  • Thememorystation
    I also have been having problems with PicPic Social. I am a newbie, and after my server version updated I have had several issues. First, the Facebook and Twitter options disappeared, leaving me only an Email and a Print option. But more importantly, new photos have not been appearing on the iPad. Instead, I get white boxes. If I close the PicPic Social app and reopen it, they all download, but then newly take photos show up as white boxes.

    Any ideas?

  • Amanda_PicPic
    Hello Joshua!

    Please update to IOS 8 and that will fix the issue you are having here. If you ever have any questions please feel free to call 800-916-7705 or submit a ticket to We even have a live chat on the website!

    Hope this helps :)

    Amanda Mendonca
  • HAMA Photography
    Hi PicPic,

    How is the work for the new version coming along that combats the latest Facebook changes?  I see on your website that you had indicated a while back that a fix would be ready in a couple of weeks (that was nearly a month ago).  I tested today and still cant post photos to FB. Any progress?

  • SeyeDotCo

    the Facebook fix has been available for some time. Please go to the App Store and update to the latest version of picpic social available. Please let me know if that doesn't fix your issue.
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