DNP RX1 Ribbon Cut
We love using the DNP RX1 printer.   There has only been one issue recently.


In a recent party the ribbon seemed to have stuck to the paper which caused it to be cut in half.  We cannot work out why this happened.  A few months previously the same thing happened.  Of course, we do carry a spare roll.  It just looks back when customer is the one waiting for their prints.  Does anyone have an idea why the ribbon would be cut.


Ben and Kim

Westchester Party Rentals.


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  • thephotoboothco
    This happens to us all the time. With us the reason is always power. If there is a power cut (happens quite often) then the UPS kicks in but if it is in the middle of a print then the riboon tears. As you say we just swap out with a new roll. We then cellotape the broken ribbon together and use it again.
  • kevin-colangelo
    Easy fix:

    Get some sticky clear tape and repair is then carefully load the film then roll it on a few turns this way your not wasting a roll and film:

    Always remember you must replace both rolls - film and paper together - you can never just replace one roll or film otherwise when one roll runs out it will be out of sync with the other
  • heydjbren
    There's a tiny bit of moisture inside your printer.  It's causing the ribbon to stick to the paper, which causes the ribbon to tear.

    Advice:  Don't store your printer in sub-30-degree temperatures.   And when you set it up, give it ~20 minutes to sit and warm up with the power turned on.
  • mendi brook
    See instructions about torn ribbon at this link.

    It is for the snaplab printer, but same for the RX1 or DS40
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