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Premier Tampa
Has anybody used PicPicSocial to post to instagram? I researched posting to instagram a lot recently and from what I read is Instagram doesn't like 3rd party software posting. Another software I found would allow you to post, but would disable the hash tags of the user from then on out. Effectively making the invisible in the community.

Does anybody have any more info on this? I would hate to implement this feature and ruin all the guests IG accounts.


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  • SeyeDotCo
    Hello and thanks for your post regarding PicPic Social and Instagram! Instagram does not authorize 3rd party applications like PicPic Social to post directly to their service, you are correct when you say this. However, when posting to a users IG account with PicPic Social, the account does NOT get ruined in anyway.

    What DOES happen (as you stated) is that any image posted with the specified hashtag IS NOT searchable on Instagram using the hashtag. IE, if I use PicPic Social and share an image to Instagram with #photoboothowners, the image will not be visible by OTHER people who search for the hashtag, BUT the image will still be seen by my IG followers and anyone else who goes through my profile.

    It is not THE ideal situation for posting to Instagram, I can agree, but we can only work with what we have. We received a lot of requests to make Instagram uploading possible to we decided to make it happen!


    Posting to Instagram is now available using PicPic Social 3.0 or greater which can be downloaded in the app store. Please see www.picpicsocial.com for more information.
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