Has anyone encountered problems with darkroom - the software takesd huge amounts of processor - how is the LIVE VIEW - is it choppy or smooth before the picture is taken or using the video feature?

Also it seems now and again to crash - whats your comments on this especially the live view - is is smooth on yours or slightly lagging?


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  • Mike
    I've experienced in limited (very limited) work with the software that it does require a decently powered machine. I run Core i3 machines with 8GB RAM and SSDs. They seem to do just fine, but my older booth PC's are a bit choppy at times like you describe.
  • Team ISI
    Darkroom is smooth when set up correctly. i3 is the minimum of what they recommend. Once set up correctly it's smooth as silk. Like all programs, when not set up correctly there are problems. Since they give live free tech support it doesn't hurt to have them check your settings or coach you if you need it.
  • Mike
    And there is the biggest differentiator between Darkroom and others, a support team (not an individual).
  • ewnguyen
    I did have darkroom on an older Toshiba I3, with 4 gb ram. always ran smoothly but recently I installed 2 x 180 watt mono-lights and also a powered 4-port USB hub.

    Since that install I have experienced twice the entire laptop shutting down black instantly when the 2 studio light flashed during a sesson.  Could be a power surge messing with that laptop but I haven't had time to retest that laptop without the hub & lights.  I do know I haven't had any problems with the newer I7 computer since then.
  • blankproductions
    I run darkroom booth and have almost no issues with it. Runs quick, smooth and has no chop. The only time I had issues was when my Hard Drive had some bad sectors and I was trying to save my images to that sector. It resulted in slow unresponsive video and eventually rebooting couldn't even fix it. Luckily for me this happened in the last hours of a local fair so I didn't loose any business or sour anybody. After fixing the HD and a clean install of windows and the software, I have had no issues since!

    I also run an older machine. If it wasn't across the room and needed to be booted I would get the specs. lol


  • thephotoboothco
    Are you using a Webcam or a DSLR? I have used Darkroom with both, and with a webcam the liveview is delayed and "choppy". The webcam also doesnt like movement when taking the shot. We used a logitech C920. With the liveview, You could blink, and then watch yourself blink a second or 2 later. If the subjects didnt move then the pictures came out great. If they moved it was blurred.

    We then switched to a DSLR (Canon 1100D - i think the T3 is the US equivalent), and the liveview is smooth with no delays.

    I have i3 with 6 or 8gb computers.  I also tried with an i7, 8gb computer and the webcam is the same.
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