Ins and Outs of Hiring Photo Booth Hosts

How have you handled this? Up until this point, I have only had friends and family work events. As business is growing, I am needing to hire more people. I am going into uncharted territory hiring people I don't know.

Here are some of the questions that have come to mind:

We need two people for events- do you pay the person operating the booth more than the person who handles the props/line? How should they handle driving? Should I suggest they drive together or meet at the event location? Because we are located in a city, there are times when you have to pay for parking and I don't want to pay for two cars to be parked.
Do you have an agreement they sign acknowledging the duties associated with the job? Did you draft it or did you go to a lawyer?
Have you done a background check? What service do you use to perform one?

Anything else that comes to mind- please let me know! Thank you!


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  • spnewman3604
    This area is the one I'm having most trouble with. My business is booming and I can't find enough of the 'right' people to work for me - it is in fact stopping my business from growing even faster.

    Up until this point we have used friends and family. They are initially 'trained' by going to an event with one of the business owners so they are familiar with what to do, how to work with customers etc. They are then paired with someone who knows what they are doing for the next few events.

    One of the issues we are having is being able to rely on people in terms of availability. Unfortunately the few people we have been relying on are no longer available (pregnancy, new jobs, etc) so I'm trying to find a en employment model that works for us. If anyone has any bright ideas in this respect I'm all ears. My priority is obviously showing up for events that are booked and running them well - but I don't want the hassle or expense of full time employees.

    In terms of your questions, we ask people to meet at our 'offices' to then take the vehicle with the equipment to the venue. This saves on parking / can't find the location issues etc. It is only for those occasions where we have an event out of town that we might meet someone at the venue.

    Given that up until now we have used friends & family we've not relied on agreements. This will likely be the case down the road.

    Regarding background checks, I will definitely want references. I'm hoping I can actually hire people via friends of friends so people can actually vouch for them. This should hopefully avoid some issues.
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