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Hi to all.  Thought I would share this with everyone as might be useful to others.  I already run a Social Booth and decided to write my own application for displaying the photos taken on an external monitor so people can see what fun has been had already - great for a queues when people waiting.  Will work with any photobooth software by just pointing the application to where the photos are saved to (ie. a Watch Folder).  Comes with 'Slideshow Type' (In Order, In Reverse or At Random), 'Screen Effects' (20 built in), 'Effect Speed' and 'Display Seconds'.  Just need to connect a second monitor in Windows as normal and tell the application where to display the Slideshow.  Already used with SocialBooth and screen shot attached for information.  Most users have connected to a second monitor by using a USB monitor for both power and display signal so only one cable (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFLePzUAYfc as an example).  If interested just drop me an email at ' ajhunt@freeuk.com ' and I'll send a download link to a fully working demo of the application application.
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