ATA Photobooths??

just wanting some feedback from anyone who has bought anything from

the prices are pretty great and i'm considering a purchase.

not a lot of online reviews. just curious if anyone on here can give me any feedback?

thanks - kyle


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  • bmack
    I'm thinking about buying one myself this week.
    Looks good to me too, my next one needs to be easier for me to carry & set-up on my own..
    I just purchased their new shell T17. By choice, I arrange for pick up this Saturday since I am local.  Marcus is very helpful to someone like me who is so new to the business. I will post photos and update soon when I get the shell.

    I am now officially a proud owner of T17 Photo Booth.  The shell is really nice, I saw the T20 and I find it too big. Marcus assembled everything from shell, to elo attachment, abr800 and camera. Although I did not purchase the ABR800 from him, he did cut the bracket at no extra cost. He did calibrate the monitor and was willing to set up everything including the software but I forgot the cord that connects the dslr and computer.  All of these extra work were done without extra charge. Now, I just have to wait for my Lenovo M73 to come. I got it straight from Lenovo and it was a big mistake. The advertised "ready to ship / ship in 1-3 business day" is a total lie. Mine just shipped today and I place my order 10 days ago.

    ATA Photo Booth - highly recommended!
  • BoothFairy
    Wow that looks really nice. I did end up ordering the larger one. I sure hope it's not too large. I liked the larger screen. I guess we shall see!!
  • bmack
    Man that is the perfect size!!! That's the one I will be getting as well.
  • stevishphoto
    When was the latest order you guys received your photo booth from ATA? I've been trying to check up on my order and they wont respond to my emails and phone calls go straight to Voicemail.

    How was your experience with ATA? What do you suggest?

  • BoothFairy
    I would think twice before ordering from them again.
  • SetApart4Christ
    Why do you say that @boothfairy
  • theo213
    This thread has been kinda quiet.  I'm considering purchasing the T20.  For those who've already purchased (that or other models), how has the booth held up and performed?  Any issues?  How's the company's communication/support.  Should I just go with Hootbooth (for thousands more)?


  • SetApart4Christ
    I have the T12 and love it.  The build quality is fantastic, and the onsite assembly is very easy.  We got ours in black from, yes its going through a middle man, but Rob's prices are below ATA or EZPBooths.  When you order from Rob though, they ship from EZPB's CA warehouse.  I live only a couple hours away so mine arrived next day.

    We also ordered the T12 Heavy Duty Truck Case to keep the booth in and it is fantastic.  It keeps the booth very secure and padded during transport, I would highly recommend getting one of the travel cases as well.

    Because the top tilts its also very easy to get photos of people of all heights.  The tilting mechanism is a spring pin that goes through the yoke and into holes on the side of the electronics box.  The holes are set up so one is horizontal, 3 holes are set for various down angles, and one is set for an additional up angle.


  • hankhill151
    I'm interested in the T12 as well but I was hoping to find samples of pics taken with it. I was wondering how well the lighting from the ring flash worked. Does anyone have any samples they can post?
  • SetApart4Christ
    @hankhill151 the photo quality completely depends upon the quality of camera you have in your booth.  But you can go to my facebook page (  I've been using a Canon 6D w/ an ABR800 Flash since I started.  You can put any DSLR you want in the T series but the flash on all but the T20R is the ABR800 Flash.
  • theo213
    Thanks for the response.  I just purchased the T20 and ran into a bit of an issue.  I'm curious as to how to get the touchscreen to mount flush against the front?  Do I need extra foam or padding?  I bought just the shell and the various components from other sources.  The Aspire Z1 is the exact model they sell on their site but if pressed flush against the front, there's a gap between the 2 support bars AND it doesn't sit properly on the shelving lips.  Any mounting help would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to believe there was some manufacturing/shipping error.  Is it operator error on my part?  I see other videos of people using Lenovos and wonder if I was given inaccurate information.  Should I be getting the Lenovo B40 instead of the Acer Z1 (as stated in the description)?


  • theo213
    Does anyone have any tips for using live view and the ABR800 Flash (or any flash for that matter)?  Live View is really dark unless we use exposure compensation but that makes live view super noisy!  I'm guessing the only way around this is to have the rest of the subject (area) properly lit with continuous lighting.   I'm worried about a tacky looking setup and so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • indy99
    If you are using Breeze and a Canon dslr (t3i) here are some suggested settings..

    I suspect that you have not enabled the external flash setting on the photo booth settings page.

    Enable external flash setting on the photo booth settings page.

    Set camera to manual mode.

    Set shutter speed to 1/160 second

    Set f stop to f 11.

    Set ISO to 100.

    Set color temp to flash.

    Connect flash to camera via pc adapter.

    Set power level to 1/3 power.

    Take test shots.  If it looks over exposed (too light)  adjust flash power down.

    The ABR 800 is a great flash.  Plenty of power for any photo booth.




  • Sportsmn
    Aaron Y, would you please give me a call? I would love to get your thought on the T20 that you purchases. I am considering the T20 and would like a first hand opinion about the T20.

    Mike 419-721-9322
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