Problems with New HiTi P520L

Hi Guys, i really dont know where to post this so, please in advance i apollogize if this post is not in right place. I need some help with my new HITI P520Lprinter. I dont own photobooth but my bussiness is very simmilar. I do red carpets welcomes with photos, and gives the pictures after the event finishes. I used to put some frames with EventDesiree Deluxe from Hiti from older printers but with this new printer program doesnt recognize it.
This printer came with an app for android and ios that allows you to load frames and borders but app crashes. The only way to load is that. I havent received any help from Hiti, so i think my solution is change software. The question for you guys is if anyone knows any software for putting frames and software to pictures and then send to print. I really will appreciate you help.


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  • Mike
    Hotfolder Prints by Breeze might be what you are looking for. If you can use an Eyefi card you could shoot the photos to a directory on a PC and have Hotfolder Prints produce the prints on the fly applying any overlays/frames you like.
  • Team ISI
    The printer has been used successfully with Darkroom Core event software. You can build and import templates into the Darkroom program then if you want to auto print you can set that up. If you are using an eyefi card in the camera you can shoot, then program can  automatically import photo into the  border and auto print. If you are using the wireless dongle with the 520, you can still print from Darkroom. We have tested this, done demos at trade shows and have customers doing it. For more info, or
  • JoeConnell
    I hope I am not stepping on someone's topic...

    My question is regarding the HiTi 510 new firmware and I need to know if I load the new firmware, will I still be able to use the old media and paper... I am about to switch to the new and want to make sure if I load the firmware, I can finish using the old media and paper. I want to be able to have it loaded prior due to the 6-10 minutes it takes to do the update of the firmware...

    Sorry Mike, I tried to post a new topic but was unable to get a posting window to appear
  • Team ISI
    When you update your Hiti 510  firmware and driver, you will still be able to use the old media. No problem. It is backwards compatible. :)
  • Kasali fola
    Hi, which software can I use for my hiti printer P520L for passport and ID card, apart from Photoshop, I try photo Desiree deluxe 2.2 not working, thanks 
  • Kasali fola
    Any software that can be use for passport photos printing  using  hiti P520L printer 
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