We currently use HITI 510L and HITI 510S in all of our photo booths, but it seems HITI 510 is discontinued.  This has us worried on two fronts.  1. how long until they discontinue the media packs for it and 2. If one of our printers goes down, I cannot just order and install a replacement.

So, I have been looking converting our photo booths over to the DNP DS620A, but wanted to see if anyone has any feedback on the HITI 510 series vs. the DNP DS620A specifically.

I love the way the media side loads on the HITI, but the new 520 is front load with the media, so all of my photo booths have to be redesigned and retrofitted to accommodate a new style printer.... So I am aware of that difference.

I am mainly interested in ease of use, reliability, errors, quality of prints etc.



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  • CTJB
    Thank you all for the feedback....  We have since moved to the DNP 620A and do like it.  we use breeze sys. and have to be at 800x600 on resolution to fill our in booth monitor and we cannot access the options when we have to change from a 4x6 to a 2x6 cut, but that has been the only weird thing about it.  Other than that it is way easier to load the paper even though it is front load instead of side load.  It does seem to be a little slower than the HITI, but when you are talking about moving from 15 to 25 seconds, who really cares.

    Over all very happy with the swap, the actual printer is way better when it comes to durability and I feel these printers will last longer than a year or two.

    thank you all for the input!!!
  • CTJB
    It is accurate on my equipment at 25 seconds, no printer prints at specs because there is the time it takes the program to process image and send to printer.  so yeah, but that depends on how fast your cpu is.  on the same laptop it is a few seconds longer than our HITIs were.

    I would really recommend swapping to the DNP 620A....  After using it now for a while in all of our booths, we love it!!!  the only thing we had to do was learn to enable or disable the 2x6 cut setting.  with the HITI this was in the drop-down menu and on the DNP you have to go to print options and then ADVANCED, then enable or disable.  We also have learned you have to do it from the program and if you do a manual reprint from the devices and printers tab.  not a big deal and easy, you just need to know you have to do that.

    Really we love the new printers.  More prints, so change less often, seems to also be better built.

    The only other thing is the HITI was neat since you could change the paper from the side instead of the front.  all of my booths were built for the HITI and the printer access was on the side, so now we just have to turn the printer to change paper....  again not a big deal since most others are front load anyway.

    We were changing out the HITI printers every 1.5-2 years, so we have hopes that this one lasts longer and ours came with a 3 year warranty, so there is that safety net too.

    Like I said, we love the DNP and highly recommend!!!
  • Gotcha
    Thank you for this info...I am currently in the market for a new printer.  Hope you don't mind if I ask a few more questions.  

    I have been running a HITI 510 for 4 years now.  It ran perfectly for a while but now seems to have communication issues with my laptop.  I'm scared it's going to go out on me.  It gets quite a few paper jams now too.  

    I love the quality at which it prints.  People always comment on the quality of the photos.  Do y'all feel like the DNP prints as well?

    I'm running Breeze, which it seems like some people have had issues with.  Will the DNP communicate well with Breeze?  Do jams seem to be an issue?

    The HITI was extremely heavy (I'm a petite lady).  Is the DNP comparable in weight?

    Thank you all for your advice.  Sometimes these printer issues are enough to make me want to throw in the towel.  Then, a bunch of bookings come in over a matter of days and I quickly change my mind!
  • MikeBender
    The DNP printers do have a better print quality and faster print speeds in comparison to the Hiti 510x series printers. I would definitely recommend the DNP 620.
  • Mike
    Seen a lot of issues over the years with the HITI 510x series printers. I would highly recommend the DNP 620A, I personally use the DS40's but the 620A looks to be a quite nice printer and our DNP's have been rock solid!
  • shuttershack
    We just recently switched over to the 620A and love it.  The size and weight of the printer is great.  We have yet to have any issues with the printers.  It is also a faster printer.
  • PPP
    Just to clarify, are you saying the DNP 620A takes 25 seconds to print?  In the specs for the printer it's supposed to print a 4x6 in 8.3 seconds.  Is that not close to being accurate?

    I'm in a similar boat in that I currently use Hiti 510 printers but am considering a switch in the not too distant future.
  • ted@sillyshotzphotobooth.com
    Concerning the DNP 620, is it possible to check a total print count (not just how much film is left) on the printer?

  • MikeBender
    Check out this utility by DNP. I am not 100% sure it works with the 620 but it should


  • shuttershack
    Check out this utility by DNP. I am not 100% sure it works with the 620 but it should


    you can check the 620 print count in printer setting which is very handy
  • orlandophotoboothevents@outlook.com
    I bought a DNP 620 and have not had great experiences with it. First, it is does not play nice with Breeze software, as I was told by Imaging spectrum AFTER I bought the printer and couldn't get the prints to come out in portrait mode. Seems i had to set portrait as landscapes and landscapes as portraits. That was one workaround, then came the issue with multiple prints. With HiTi, I click ctrl and number of prints I want to make while in Full Photo Booth Mode. But DNP failed when I did this and then bombed out the print formatting in Breeze. I had a huge problem at an event when the printer crashed. It's faster than my HiTi 510s, which are four years old, but i don't care for the front loading and its finicky nature. I also wish they had put taller footings under the printer so it would be easier to get my fingers under it. It's very hard to grasp when lying on a flat surface. All in all, I like my 510s better and I'm thinking of selling the 620, which I've used twice. 
  • MikeBender
    Very curious as the print driver should be what dictates much of this and the DNP DS40's which the DS620 is replacing should behave very similar. I know of lots of folks using the 620's with Breeze, PBU, Darkroom and Photoboof to name a few. 
  • Gotcha
    Because of all your advice, I ordered the DNP 620.  However, it is NOT working with Breeze.  I cannot get photos to print while using the software.  If I open a photo and hit print manually, it prints out a photo of beautiful quality.  But when I run the software, I always get an error message.

    My brother and I started messing around in the settings, trying to resolve this issue.  We only made things worse.  It got to the point where, not only would it not print out pictures, it wouldn't even create the photo strips with the 3 pictures.  So I did a job where I handed out no photos.  I came home, manually made the photo strips in Photoshop (yikes...took hours!) and mailed them to the client.  

    Since then, I've cancelled two jobs.  I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do.  Why am I having such a hard time?  Any suggestions or advice?  FYI- I purchased a software update about a year and a half ago.  I cannot perform any more updates without purchasing it again.  I hate to do that, especially since I just bought a $900 printer and can't even use it!

    Thanks in advance...you guys always come through!
  • MikeBender
    Sounds like either a bad printer or corrupted driver. Breeze prints to any printer that is installed correctly in Windows. The DNP 620's are workhorses that we use pretty much daily.

    Have you printed to the 620 using the Windows photo viewer?

    Follow their driver uninstall guide and then reinstall them. If the printer does not work still contact the company you bought the printer from. They should be able to assist.
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