What Lens for your Booth!!

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Hi all

New to the forum as you may be able to tell.

Previously a photographer, and still dabble here and there.

Recently purchased a photobooth package that came with a Canon 1200d and standard 18-55 kit lens.

Generally even at F8/9 photos have the DOF i want, but quality is.....well....meh.

Not good when your trying to break into the market.

Personally im looking at a 24mm 2.8STM Pankcake prime lens.

On APS-C sensor this should give me around 38mm i believe, which im hoping is the sweet spot for the distance in the booth.

Just wondered, what is everyone else using?

Thanks in advance, your feedback is appreciated


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  • MikeBender
    We use the the 18-55 kit lens also (as the majority of the industry does) along with a f/1.4 fisheye we use from time to time.

    We've found 24mm to be our go to focal length at f/7.1 to f/8.
  • danieldavis1992
    Hi Mike

    We will keep the 18 - 55 Kit lens as it gives us some dynamic range. However i felt the 24mm was the right focal length and will hopefully give better quality and detail being a prime lens. We are testing most of our shooting at F stop 8/9 and get reasonable results. But some of the other 6x4 prints other businesses achieve, i feel like we are lacking detail, i can only point this at the lens.

    Thank you for your input, i would be interested to see one of your full size digital images on a single shot or multiple shot booth photo? Maybe some Exif data too?

    Hope you are well
  • MikeBender
    I think you're looking at this from the wrong perspective. Photo booths are an experience, a form of entertainment. I agree we all want the best results we can there is a point of diminishing returns as the client truly doesn't see the difference.

    With our rentals we strive to first be fun and memorable with an emphasis on quality. That said we find that the kit lens are more than adequate for clients and get comments all the time on the results.



  • danieldavis1992
    Hi Mike

    I will upload some photos that we have done in testing to give you an idea of what i mean.

    It may be my eyes, but im sure our quality and detail in photos is not as clear as yours.

    Thanks for your support
  • MikeBender
    I don't think there is any noticeable difference, maybe a slight. Do you use AF or MF? We solely run our booths in MF as I've found the AF to be way too soft on the kit lenses for my likeing.
  • danieldavis1992
    We use the AF system to get the right focus when a subject is at the right focal length. Then we move it to MF immediately after. I have done some more testing and a full 6x4 shows a clear picture that isnt as soft as it was before. Might just be me. Also having just ordered a 24mm prime pancake lens it will be shorted than the kit lens, which will in turn not fit to the cut out size of the hole.

    I will stick with the kit lens :smile:

    Thanks for your advice
  • danieldavis1992
    In terms of flash, do you use the standard pop up flash on the camera or do you setup a different flash system? Also what DSLR are you using?


  • MikeBender
    We have a couple setups. One uses Paul C Buff's Alien Bees B400 and the other uses a much more compact neweer LED flash. That was used in both examples.
  • thatphotoboothguy
    We also use the kit lens.  Quality of course is not as good as a prime lens, but it gives us a lot of flexibility.  Every event is different and sometimes we have lots of space and sometimes we don't.  With our closed booth setup, we have it around the mid 20s focal length.  For our open set up, it depends on how far away the background is.  If it's really close, we need to go really wide (low 20s or all the way to 18).  When there's more distance between the camera and background, we go up to about 30mm.
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