Props: hats, boas, etc and these little nasties...

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So a couple years back in our rental business we stopped using hats and boas and similar props. We now use signs, lips on a stick and glasses primarily. This was partly due to a less is more initiative we had and general higene.

For those of you that still are offering hats and such, how are you planning to combat these little nasties?



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  • Mystickal1
    So far we've still been using hats and boas. We haven't had an issue that I'm aware of. But this is something I've been considering doing.
  • indy99
    No Boas, no face masks, everything else seems to be fine. The next day after an event we spray and wipe most props with Lysol.
  • CTJB
    Wash hats after every event. Dont use boas.

    The CDC says that lice can live 24 to 48 hours without food so if you are using 1 set of props per event and using a new set for each event if you have multiple events in 48-72 hours. You will be fine. We have 6 booths and have been doing this for 7 years with no problem.... just keep it clean and there is no problem.

    obviously you are not resposible if guests at one event already have lice and spread it to other guests. They could do that by taking selfies on their phones even.

    you just dont want to be the one bringing uninvited guests to the party.
  • MikeBender
    For me it was the fear of intra-event transmission years ago that started our move away from them. No way to protect individuals at the same event.
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