Photo booth booked for wrong date - What would you do?

So here's the situation;

We were contacted by phone by a client who wanted to book a booth for an event. Having made a note of the details, we filled in the details we had on our electronic booking form, and then sent a link to it to the client for them to complete, check and submit - along with payment as the booking was only a couple of weeks away. (all of our bookings and payments are done online).

The email we sent asking them to complete the booking form even said, "as it's only a couple of weeks away...."

Overall, about half a dozen emails went backwards and forwards between us and the client - checking what time we would be there to set up and stuff like that. In all the emails, the title was "Photo booth hire" and the date of the event.

The client duly completed the booking form and paid the full amount for the booking, and upon receiving payment we sent an automatic confirmation email to the client with a copy of the booking form. The wording of the email clearly said, "please check the details and let us know immediately if there are any issues".

The date of the booking arrived, as did we - on site to set up, only to be told by the venue, "There's no event on here tonight". We tried contacting the client to find out if it had been cancelled (without telling us), but there was no answer - so we left a message asking the client to contact us urgently. The venue were very kind, and went to check their records - only to find that the date they had for our client was in two months time (same date - different month).

The issue here is that we'd turned down other work for the night of the "non-event" and are already booked for the real date.

We have emailed the client to explain the situation, but as yet have not received a response (perhaps the client is on holiday).

What would you do? 


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  • kbenton
    edited September 2016
    If you weren't already booked for the new date, I would probably let it slide (financially at least, I would definitely let them know what happened). But since you're booked already, it's their loss. I would perhaps offer to refund everything except the retainer. You could of course offer to refund nothing (totally your right), but you do risk looking bad.
  • davidlowie
    Keep the money and offer a discounted rate to rebook some other date. 

    Worst case scenario they won't book you again. That's all their fault. 
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