Advice for getting photos from Canon camera to iPads instantly.

 I have been working on starting a Photo Booth business for 2 years.  I would love it if anyone could share their expertise with me!   

My hope is that guests get there photo taken, and then can immediately go to an iPad and send their image to themselves.  This part is easy. . .. . . . .   Where I am struggling is how to quickly get the images from my camera to all 3 iPads instantly.     I am familiar with "air drop" and it works great.  But, what is the best way to get images from my camera to the iPads.     

Currently, I snap a guest's photo and then I have to plug in a cord to an iPad.  Then I have to wait a minute to download their photos.  Then I have to airdrop them to the other iPads so guests can e-mail them to themselves.   It's way tooooooo much work and there is no flow to the booth.   

I've used the eye-fi mobi card in my Canon camera.  Works O.K, but not great.  If the iPad is connected to the eye-fi card, then guests can't e-mail themselves their photos.  It works, but the photos don't arrive until you turn your wi-fi off of the eye-mobi card.   

I've tried connecting a cord from my Canon directly to the iPad, but the camera will not take pictures and download pictures at the same time.  

Any ideas?   

Another subject - anyone have any suggestions on a good app that instantly puts your logo on each photo taken at the Photo Booth?


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  • SeyeDotCo
    If you want to do sharing from the iPad, you have two options in terms of "setup."

    #1 You can shoot tethered to your DSLR. Tethered shooting means you have your DSLR connected by USB to your computer... think Surface PRO or similar. When you take a photo its saved to the computer and then transferred to the iPad for sharing (using a program like PicPic Social --

    #2 You can shoot wirelessly. This isn't the best option but you can use an eye-fi card OR you can use a DSLR that supports wireless shooting. Canon 7D is a good option. Same concept as above where the photo is saved to the computer and then processed by a program like picpic social for sharing.

  • cjburke1962
    Depending on which EyeFi card you have, you may be able to connect the EyeFi card to the local wifi, and connect your iPad to the wifi through it. Check their sitevfor details.
  • thephotoboothguy
    Have you tried using any of the iPad apps that are currently available for photobooths? 

    The Mashbooth app ( uses Dropbox to get photos from your PC to the iPad. All you would need to do is get your photos from your camera to a PC.
  • instantphotolive
    Hey! Our product is all about skipping the iPad step, and getting images straight to the phones of your guests. You need to be running windows, mac, or linux, because it's integrated with Dropbox. If you're interested please take a look! (free trial, no cc)
  • skidz7
    If you shoot tethered to a computer, you can have the computer process the photos as they appear  then upload them to a web server for the ipads to get.  If the ipads are set to look at a special page on the server via wifi they can be scripted to automatically update/refresh as new photos are taken.

    That's more the D-I-Y route but it definitely works - as others mentioned there's probably other software available if you're less technial.
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