what do you consider as props?

I am just curious what "props" means to different photo booth owners.  I feel like there can be a vast difference in what we bring vs. other companies and just want to see if we are on base, if we are doing too much, or too little. 

Clients seem to just ask if you include props, and never ask what that means.

We bring about 65 props, includes:
-15-18 hats, 20 sunglasses,
-5-9mustaches on a stick,
-2 chalkboards,
-4-5 headbands, and
-a variety of hand props like drumsticks microphones, toy lollipops and the like about another 10 or so total.

We used to do boas, but they cannot be cleaned and are just too messy, a lot of venues do not even allow boas anymore, but guests seem to always ask for them.  Thought about adding scarfs that can be cleaned, but never got around to it.

I have seen some companies locally that just throw 4-5 hats 4-5 sunglasses and those paper props on a stick.

So Am I just curious what others think and what other photo booth owners are doing prop wise.

hope to hear from you.


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  • MikeBender
    We have scaled back to a dozen lips/mustaches on a stick and 12 double sided signs. No complaints since doing so and guests seem to still really enjoy themselves.
  • CTJB
    Thanx mike.

    I kind of get the feeling we should be scaling back a bit too...

    our area is crazy competitive on rates so like idea of saving $ on prop replacement but worry about not being in line with other photoboothers in the area.

    Hope others chime in too...  
  • Bootharazzi
    I have scaled back a little, but still put out a nice spread and get many compliments not only from guests, but also from venue staff.  As far as boa's, no more, but they now sell these other kind that are make out of a cloth and come in nice colors.  also, I would suggest some blow up props:  swimming pool floats, musical instruments.  I also have a toilet seat and plunger.  This combo has them rollin.  If the guests are totally getting out of hand with the props I kind of make them disappear a little at a time as the night goes on.
  • CTJB
    Love the plunger as a prop..  thats great!
  • ppb
    Also scaled back here.  Just a bunch of fedora and cowboy hats, large plastic glasses (with lenses removed to prevent flash glare), and two high quality non-shedding boas.  Said props are mentioned in our contract and clients can provide their own to compliment ours if needed.
  • indy99
    Anything that makes them laugh.
  • PB&J
    edited November 2017
    I usually bring way too many props, and if possible,  I ask the organizer of the event to choose the props and signs,  then put the rest out of sight.  If the organizer is not available, I try to match the theme and mood.  I bring two 2' x 4' tables, so that is what determines the number of props.

    I've found that one of the sources for best quality, most well-received, and lowest priced props is Goodwill.   While just walking around, one will catch your eye, and bingo!  Just have to check to see if it either looks like new, or can be easily fixed with a dab of glue or spray paint. 
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