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I have in my contract an area where a client can sign if they want a Facebook album on our Facebook page where we would tell guests to go to our site and view the event pics of all the guests.  I have my client sign that they want it.  I recently did a Sweet 16 and some of the kids were doing some innappropriate pics: making out, giving the finger, ect.  I mentioned it to the mom hosting that we should not do a Facebook album, she agreed.  Even though she signed, if parents complained, can I be liable for any wrong doing?  

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  • CTJB
    I cant speak to legal part of that but whenever one of our clients signs up for an option and then alters it we update it on our paperwork with a pdf program...the updates supersede the old info.  we dont send that to the client but prevents us from changing something and forgetting.

    So in the fb posting case we would update the contract and not post since client retracted their wishes for the gallery.  

    if they signed it after the discussion would just be a good idea to just contact the client to clarify.  a lot of people sign and dont bother readong what they signed.

    If its already posted to fb best you can do is delete it.
  • MikeBender
    It's a tricky situation with any minors involved. We do not post any galleries to social media when juveniles are involved. 

    Not sure about liability. Have to recommend you consult your lawyer on that. 
  • Bootharazzi
    Thank you.  I will keep this monitored for the future.  At events that they get a Facebook album, we tell the guests when we give them their pictures that it will be uploaded to our Facebook page under the event name.  Once in a while some guest will protest and we will go right in and delete.  

    Thank you for your input.
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