Info on MAC driver install for your booth printers.

Team ISI

I know you are busy this week but here are some driver tips for those that use Macs  Some tips to help get your drivers downloaded, installed and setup for Macs.


Here are steps to download and install Mac drivers. 

1.  Download and install driver.  It is the .dmg file.  You may need to extract it:

2.  Make sure printer is plugged in, turned on and selected. 

3.  From software go to File-Print.  Make sure correct paper size is selected.  Hit Print. 


Some tech tips. 

1.  Make sure no error lights are on printer.

2.  Make sure printer is plugged in and USB cable is not bad.  Make sure if plugged into a hub, it is a powered hub.  Replace USB cable if not sure.  Don’t have backup cables?  Get backup cables. 

3.  Make sure you are using the correct printer.  If you have more than 1 port and/or a hub you may have for example, DS40, DS40 2, DS40 3, etc.  You must set it for the correct one that it is plugged into.  My advice, ALWAYS plug your printer into the same port every time. 

4.  Make sure you set the correct paper size in printer.  If you want 5x7, do not set 6x8 paper size, the printer will look for 6x8 media and not print a 5x7 on 6x8.

5.  Lightroom is tricky with its print module.  If you are not an expert, go to File-Print, not the print module.

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