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Hello to my PhotoBooth owners & Happy New Year!! I'm looking to have my booth to upload  photos to Facebook and i'm not sure on the steps to take. i'm using Darkroom booth 2 but i also have questions like do you guys charge a fee for this option? and do i have to purchase any additional hardware like a wireless router for my booth? do I need a iPad for the customers to use and sign in? i apologize  if this conversation has already been ask? looking for some direction and help. thanks Dre3000


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  • CTJB
    yes, charge for the option!  the text messages will cost you money, the tablet will cost you money, etc.  So why include for no charge?  We charge about $80.00 for the option, but most in our area are charging $100.

    I like photo booth connected for the program.  and use microsoft onedrive to upload the photos to, then download to a surface pro tablet.  The neat thing with doing it this way vs networking the tablet and cpu together is it is a time saver and can be set up the night or week before your event.  Then all you do is log onto internet on both and you are good.

    Really recommend surface pro vs I pad.  Better machine and most programs are going to be pc based anyway...  The surface should be faster too.  Remember with photo software you generally need at least 4gb memory and a decent processor.  Not an apple guy so don't know how their memory and processors compare. 

    There are other social media programs out there, photo booth connected by photo booth solutions is a one time buy and their support has been great when we had a minor issue trying to network at an event with poor to no wifi and no cell service.

    Most photo booth software will have the option to do on your photo booth these days though, so if you do not want to do the tablet option, which helps with the flow of the event, you should be able to do it inside the booth with your current software.  (not familiar with darkroom.

    hope that helps
  • Dre3000
    what area are you in? and thanks for the info!!
  • nikilee
    I have this with DSLR booth, and it works with the foto share application on my ipad. I think the subscription costs me $10 per month. its possible that booth share for DR is the equivalent.
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