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Hi, I have the sinfonia cs2 6145 printer. (We upgraded from the monster work horse Shinko) the sinfo is set to the 5x7 prints, my q is how easy is it to change the inside to 4x6? i need a screwdriver??? 

I believed in the brand and never realized that i would have to do this until I noticed the metal in the way of the new paper. I cant find this information on google videos (my educational tool) lol


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  • Team ISI
    I have the Brava 21 which is the exact same printer.  Built in the same factory.  I don't change my paper guides at all and have never had an issue.  The one time I tried, I needed a tiny screwdriver and a pair of needle-nose pliers to hold those tiny guides.  I print 5x7 and my guides are set at 4x6.  Never had a problem.  Hope this helps. don't want to drop a tiny screw down inside the printer and it's difficult to handle those little things.
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