DNP DS620 Printing slower than normal.

I purchased 2 of the DNP DS620's almost a year ago.
They have always printed fast but at a recent event they were both printing 4 x 6 prints at about 12-13 seconds. Just wanted to know if anybody else was experiencing this as I have never messed with the settings from day 1.Thanks!


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  • MikeBender
    Have you ever cleaned the unit? I am not a printer expert but could see how dirty heads might slow the process and they could retard how fast they head up.

  • CTJB
    At a busy event we do see the printer slow down.... with us, it is not the printer that is slowing down but the cpu sending the info that causes the lag. Is a minor lag though.

    Booths dont have the best ventalation and 3 hours and 150 prints in the cpu area is getting a bit warm and the cpu is getting worked saving, emailing, and sending files to print....we see the processing screen a little longer at these events.

    For us this is the case.  Print time will also be slower on an older laptop vs a new one (even if ram and everything is close to same on each cpu.)

    Just my experience and thoughts on it.

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