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We sold our DIY  booth, Canon 70D, a HITI 510 printer and moved to Florida from Pennsyvlania, USA. We're semi-retired but enjoy doing the events. We are looking for suggestions on a build from scratch. Our first booth was entirely "diy" and was successful.  We still have a windows tablet (and several laptops), a DNP DS40 printer,   a copy of NKremote and a Nikon D7000 camera, several portable speedlights and triggers, but are willing to start from scratch.

One design goal is to simplify setup. Ideally, camera, touch screen, computer and most wiring would be self contained and protected from damage. Perhaps a modeling light would be also contained. Attachment points for printer, flashes, power supplies, etc would be included. We have heard that it is a bad idea to transport the printer inside a case, but are open to the idea.

Another concept is that this should fit into our Scion XB along with props, a pipe and drape enclosure, tables, supplies, and not be to heavy.

In terms of functionality - the Video booth idea was fun, but not a frequently chosen option. Not sure to retain that or not (meaning to buy or not another copy of DSLRremote, or stick w/ NKremote)

I liked some of the features of the Mirror Booth, but not sure I want to go that way.

What features do others feel might be "winners", up and coming, must have?  Is there a vendor's product to recommend (e.g. Road Case or ProCase or ??). 

BTW - I liked the look and feel of the "Cool Clap" demo, and liked several features of the Mirror Booth I just saw. We're also considering remote display/reprint "kiosk" features.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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    I built my own and it's just what I need.  I use Sparkbooth with the HiTi 510 printer and run it via a laptop.  I too found that most people wanted just a photo strip and no one was going for any options.  We switched from a DSLR to a web cam in the second generation and I'm on the 5th generation of my design now.  Each one getting more compact.  It will do open air or covered with a pop up tent.  I can easily get 6 adults in my booths.  Set up and tear down are about 30 minutes.  It all fits in a Ford Escape with the rear seats folded down.
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