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We need to use the template below.  Normally our pictures are set up to be horizontal rectangles and not square.  We are using webcam photobooth and a logitech C920 camera.  We tried changing the resolution, but the majority of the picture (left and right) is still cropped out with this layout (to the point that only 2 people are in the image when normally we can fit 4-6).  Any suggestions on what we need to need to do to get the settings right to maximize the size of the pictures.   


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  • shuttershack
    We are using Breeze Webcam Photo booth.  We will play with the live view settings to get it as close as possible.  Appreciate the help!
  • MikeBender
    Looks like this was a design done for a cropped square photo. Not much you can do to change it due to the orientation of this design. If you go with a full landscape the photos will be much smaller than they already are.

    I would recommend either switching to a postcard orientation for the layout before you adjust the photos aspect ratio.
  • shuttershack
    Thanks for the input.  That's pretty much the conclusion we came to.  We tried to help the customer with another layout, but they indicated corporate dictated this.  I guess we will just make the best of it.  Thanks again.
  • MikeBender
    I would just move forward with it then. At the event just work to keep people centered in the frame. 

    I am not sure what software you are using but if you can crop the live view to match that would be helpful for guests. Or you could put an overlay on the session screen (depending on the software) that covers the edges giving the same effect.
  • MikeBender
    You're welcome. If you think of it post a sample of the result
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