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Hello, has anyone been able to do this?  Clicking on the pictures as the description says does nothing (broken link). I've emailed support but no reply.

Thanks for your time

says does nothing (broken link). I've emailed support but no reply.


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  • MikeBender
    There are hundreds of installs active. This can only be installed if you are a Template Club member.

    I just clicked the image and the links works fine. Not sure why you had an issue.

    If you would like to see it in action the link that clicking the image goes to is

    Remember this is a sample one. There is information on the page about the widget and how the sample one behaves.
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    Hi Mike, I am a VIP member.  The picture/link works now (Didn't in December and gave up and tried before this post and didn't ).

    I saw Wix website instructions on the Support/Tutorial page. Funny thing about Wix as my internet company for some reason blocks a lot of their websites.  Found that out while working on some for customers and wondered why their site would not load then used my att hotspot and they load.

     I use Wordpress.  I feel like I've clicked every link but still cannot find the way to do it.  Would love to get this done as last thing on website to do for now (just did the somewhat painful switch over to https and went from a 93 to 99 score on tools.pingdom).

    Thanks in advance!
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    I would have posted back sooner but on Firefox browser, when I hit the post comment or preview, it pops up at the bottom left of the page, "Page Not Found" then wants me to resign in.  Did that about 7 times and now posting fine on MS Edge browser.  FYI
  • MikeBender
    shoot us an email to and we will get you going.
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