Photo aending to wrong MMS

At an event a few weeks ago, we had our social booth software MMS'ing the pictures to the guests, Problem was it was sending the picture from one person before, so it was off, and we did not know till the end of event, any ideas on why this would happen? We so use Twillio for the MMS?


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  • CTJB
    Social booth also sends your photos to a third party first,, who then send the text or mms to the client via twillio.   That causes issues sometimes too.

    Had a problem with mms just not sending social booth blamed on twillio and twillio was helpful but needed their api server name to booth did not know what an api server is (using imgur for that)...  anyway turns out imgur was not working and down for a week or two.  So that was the problem in that sittuation and social booth could not help or fix.

    Imgur also saves and hosts photos for who knows how long.  I never really looked into what they were doing with our photos.

    More info than you asked for but thought I would share another problem you may run into down the road.
  • CTJB
    It is a problem with social booth software not twillio. 

    We used to use them and that happened alot.  So we moved back to breeze systems way more stable and never had a problem....

    I think it has something to do with a test photo that was not sent or from when the program locked up in middle of sending and then had to be restarted.  Program just goes off what was saved vs what is on screen I guess and when there is an extra or missing image that happens.  

    Solution 1.  get a better software.

    Solution 2.  Clear all settings.  Rename the event and make new save folder.  Should work until the next fault.
  • seandell
    OK, might have to check out breeze. Thanks for the info CTJB ! Now to find a ipad branded solution for brand ambassadors :)
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