Poor experience with Imaging Spectrum

I recently had a very poor experience with Imaging Spectrum and my Sinfonia CS2. The brief problem is that I was sold defective media and neither Imaging Spectrum nor Sinfonia was willing to issue credit for the bad paper

Understandably, I had purchased the paper 6 months ago but they sat on a shelf in an office. But, considering that I had paid over $200 for the media and I was also trying to buy a new printer from the company, they were unwilling to offer any compensation for the defective media. Instead I had to go back and forth from IS and Sinfonia, each company saying the other needs to handle it. Ultimately, all I was offered was to ship the media back, on my expense, and get new media for a printer I don't even want

IMO, if a company sells a defective product, then that product should be refunded or credited, NOT making the customer do all the work to get the product replaced or refunded. I offered to buy a new $900 printer and asked for a partial refund of the defective product. Any reasonable person would realize that is a win-win for everyone.

I will not be doing business with them anymore, because this is not how a customer should be treated. Its a shame because I did have good experiences with them in the past, but their post-sales support is very, very bad, especially given the amount of money I have spent on their products. The amount of phone calls between IS and Sinfonia has really changed my mind about the company.


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