Anyone have experience with T12 or T17 booths???

I have a bit of a homemade booth that works well, but has more moving parts than I would like.  I am expanding and adding another tech/attendant and want to make a simpler and more reliable setup for him to operate.

I am looking at the T12 or T17 from either ATA or Road Ready Photo Booths.  Does anyone have feedback on either of these choices?  I like the simplicity of the T12 using a Surface Pro 3 as the touchscreen and computer.  I believe in having proper backups for everything and it would be very easy to swap out the Surface if anything goes wrong.  I worry about the small screen size though.

The T17 has more moving parts with the computer and screen and I don't see myself traveling a backup screen.  I am also thinking that the backup computer solution would be more complicated.

If you have a T17, what computer are you using to power the system?  Wondering what would fit into the case securely while providing enough power.  Is there room for a backup computer in the case as well?

Thanks for your feedback!!!


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  • SetApart4Christ
    Hi Dan,

    I have the T12 in black, I like it for what it is, but we are looking at replacing it soon for something like an Infinite or Yodabooth in the near future.  We use Surface pro 4's in all of our booths.  Just an FYI, Road Ready PB is just a re-seller for ATA PB.  It is the exact same booth, and will ship from the same place, it just depends upon which of the two has a better sale going on.  Are there any particular questions I can answer for you about the Kiosk?

  • ShutterStreetPhoto
    Thanks Chuck...

    I guess my main concern with the T12 is the size of the screen.  Have you found it to be too small?  

    How do your clients react to the T12 hardware?  Are you replacing your T12 just to move to an integrated software solution or what is your reason?  Wanting to understand any shortcomings so that I don't purchase and then instantly regret not purchasing something larger.  

    Thanks again for your time and any feedback that you may be able to provide,
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