Printer without running out of paper


I’ve operated as a very small business/ side gig for over 3 years now, doing about 15 weddings a year as a “stripless” photo booth, just doing digital prints only. So now I’ve decided to upgrade and do a printer inside the custom box I’ve made.

I’m using DSLR Booth software and using a Nikon D3200. I want to find a small portable printer that will push the photos out into a side cubby. I cannot find a smaller printer that will load more than 20 sheets at a time. The booth is locked and I don’t want to constantly open up the booth to refill it with more paper. So my question is…

What printer or method are you using to print more than 20 sheets without having to reload paper? Without having to open the enclosure and reload paper. Are you buying an accessory that extends the load tray, allowing more than the normal amount?


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