Kids height in photo booth

I'm new to this business and cannot figure out how to take photos in a closed booth of kids.  I have a5' X 5' booth and the camera will  not lower the lense to capture shorter people.  I have a new MOJO booth and cannot seem to get any help form them on this problem.  Has anybody else had this and how did you overcome it.


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  • mrroark
    I try to catch the adults with small children as they enter the booth and mention that someone will need to hold them up or they can grab a chair for the child(ren) to stand on.  They usually understand and are happy I mentioned it.
    If I have an event with mostly children, I will bring a bench for them to stand on or ,I don't have a MOJO booth however this may work; I loosen the camera and fit something (folded setup photos or a door stop, which I carry) under the camera to get it focused down more.  I then mention to adults that it is set up for the kids and they will need to bend down or sit on the bench or a chair.
  • PB&J
    I've thought about bringing a bench or chair, but was afraid of liability issues.  People aren't exactly at their most focused when entering a photo booth.  Have you ever had anybody fall or trip? @mrroark?

  • wrightimage313
    For the mojo photo booth switch tower three with tower two   if most of the kids are young
  • indy99
    Are you able to tilt the camera?  Some folks use a motorized tilt and pan device like the ones used on security cameras..
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