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I have been in the business for 4 years now. I have used Darkroom Booth since I started. I am curious to know if others using this software run into issues during events as often as I do. Examples of common issues I run into are:

- The retake option- gets stuck often and freezes the whole session.
- The program seems to "not respond" often. 
- Recently the text message feature does not send out images to the guest's phone as it should. 

I have changed out the PC I use within my booth thinking that was the problem, but still have the same issues. 

So I am just wondering if anyone else has had constant issues with the program, as I am considering changing software. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  • info@djpco.com
    Hi Yesenia. I, too, used to have problems and, through trial and error, have found that using a PC with an i5 processor and a minimum of 6gb of RAM has solved the problems (I have 8 or 10gb of RAM in mine). The processor is important and the more RAM the better. I have five photo booths and they all run flawlessly. Also make sure your software is up to date. Good luck!
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