How long have you owned your photo booth(s)

To help break the ice let us know how long you have been operating photo booths.


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  • Mike
    I have been running a photo booth business since 2009. Currently I have 2 photo booths that are in operation. We are looking at the possibility of expanding throughout the state of Ohio this year and into some neighboring states next year.
  • alice
    Hi Mike - What a great idea! I like this forum! And you must be a tech-wizard to have done all this overnight! Thanks! PS - the "introductions" section isn't offering comments, so I couldn't introduce there!I've owned my booth for 2 years. I only want/need one booth. My husband can't help like he used to, so I've built a home model that I can man-handle myself. My ( booth will go up for sale soon. I've used the new model at 2 events already and it's proved to be quite the conversation piece. I use it the same way as the open-air: 1. with a backdrop only (open air) 2. with a 5x5 canopy fitted with beautiful curtains 3. under a 10x10 canopy at local festivals. This is the hardest -- the local festivals require payment and we have to be there for HOURS. We don't get a lot of customers cause no one gets the idea "funnel cakes, moon bounces, photos". The people who DO use it, absolutely love the photos! That made it worthwhile at first, but now, we see it as way too much work and we never get any bookings at all out of the festivals. So, this year, no festivals. Too bad.
  • Mike
    Sounds like you've had some success and are quite resourceful Alice, thanks for sharing!
    I'd love to see what your booth looks like. Maybe you could upload a couple photos to the Whats your photo booth look like discussion?
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