Do you use social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I have been using social media from the launch of the business with mixed results at best. The upkeep is nearly a full-time job in and of itself. I thought maybe we could share things that have/have not worked for us along with our pages.
So me first, we are on Facebook ( and Twitter ( We never jumped on the Google+ bandwagon as we really haven't seen much come from Facebook or Twitter.
Clients like to tag photos on Facebook, but we do not post full galleries there for privacy reasons. We've done some campaigns with specials that only fans of our page or twitter followers learn of but none of them yielded a single booking.
Have you had better success?


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  • scottishmovies
    I've got to agree with you Mike. A lot of work and not alot of return. Everyone and everywhere tells me that FB & Twitter et al are the business shop fronts of the future.I don't think I've ever bought anything using either and I shop for a lot of things online. Maybe I'm missing something. We do get some customers once they've found us go along to FB and browse some of the pictures - but I think that's because I've sent them there!As for Twitter - hate it with a vengance! Complete waste of time! Unless someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I have no interest in knowing all the trivia that people type up. And using it as marketing tool - well the only people who keep doing it are in the same boat as me - trying to get some business! Does anyone use them to BUY ANYTHING?
  • LorneChesal
    I believe the "point" of driving consumers to your social sites is simply to prompt them to check you out, not necessarily to buy something via that interaction.

    You want them to remember you and talk about you and what they saw and experienced on your site. And then let them tell others via their social networks. At that point, your work is done.

    Kinda like sailing. Even though your goal is the shore, the winds make you tack in different directions to get there. Its not a straight line thing.

    The analogy I use for myself is that of a blind but determined farmer. I through seeds everywhere I can and hope some will come to harvest one day.
  • Unknown
    Agreed Lorne. It is just another marketing channel, but the effectiveness of it can be questionable at times.
  • TopHatCarol
    I get quite a few hits on my website that originate on Facebook. I've found FB to be a great place to get to know other vendors and have them get to know you which is leading to referrals. My FB is set up so anything I post goes to Twitter--which I don't get but I'm doing it!
  • Unknown
    Seems that Facebook has been good for being able to interact with possible client. But for the most part it is mostly previous clients we have like our page. Which does at least let their friends see us.
    Out of curiosity I look at our site analytics for this year to date and we have had 75 referrals. A few more than I thought, but much less than what Google or Bing are sending us.
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