Website changes, looking for some feedback

So we've finally started to see some competition move into our area sparking me to begin to take on a long over due website revamp. So far I've gotten the header and landing pages done.
Feedback is welcome, thanks.


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  • buzzkcphoto
    The site looks good, has a nice lay out and nice large fonts.

    One suggestion, and you may be getting to it, but would be to update the header on the gallery to match so the navigation is the same and has the same flow.
  • Unknown
    Thanks. I am planning on getting to the gallery home page in the near future.
  • scottishmovies
    Hiya,I'm assuming you've done all the pages by now and I think the site looks terrific so I might be really picky on this so don't beat me up!On the FAQ's page Q:What are personalized templates? The answer doesn't read right at "These are really nice touch that adds..."On the Print Layout spage - I think where you have the section "Unlimited Possibilities" you then show some of the SAME designs rather than some other layouts.Like I said, being picky but isn;t that what you asked for? I relly like it though, nice and clean looking. I love the way you've displayed your video sequence.Anyway, didn't mean to offend if I have!Cheers,Pat
  • Unknown
    Thanks Pat. Both are good points, I do have to say I didn't go back through the FAQs, probably should by the sounds of
    I will definitely make a few changes based on your review.
  • scottishmovies
    Glad to help :) BTW do you use Animoto for your videos? If so, do you use their music?
  • Unknown
    Yes I love Animoto and yes for the most part I use their music. I have purchased a handful of royalty free songs also that I supplement their selection with occasionally.
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