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I was recently approached by a restaurant owner asking if we could place a booth in his establishment on a permanent basis. I have never done this, but i am thinking it may be another opportunity. It would have to be free standing with no attendant. My first question is anyone have any recommendations with this process? My second question is if anyone has done this, do you lease it out on a monthly basis with a min 6 or 12 months? And what kind of pricing structure do you use? thanks in advance for the advice.


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    My recommendation is to thank them for the offer and decline. Here is why.
    1. An unattended booth needs to be protected from the public. This means it should be made of metal or wood.
    2. You will need to regularly visit the booth to ensure it has paper, everything is in working order and general service.
    3. You will to look at your insurance policy since it will be unattended.
    4. Anytime it is down you will get a call. This can get old quickly.
    5. The return on investment is no where close to that of doing event booths where you can make hundreds of dollars an hour.
    If you really are considering doing this I would highly recommend looking into purchasing a commercial photo booth to put there (~$6000). Which obviously comes with it's own issues such as transportation and setup, etc.
    Keep us informed as you move through the process, it is an interesting proposition.
  • Unknown No purchase needed, they maintenance it too. You just split the profits. I didn't really read into it fully but I like the idea!
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