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Why is so hard to find just the right book to give to customers?Like most PB operators we offer a guest book option but I can't seem to find just the right book to offer them.Photograph Albums all seem a bit too chunky, Scrapbooks are a bit cheap looking and Guest Books never hold up to adding a lot of photographs to them. In fact I might drop it all together as I feel we're letting them down with regards to this?I'm looking for a nice padded book, a lot like a luxury photo album, with pages that allow the guest to write their messages and me to stick in the photos. The "Guest Books" that are available are really meant for people to write in their messages without the photos so they tend to bulge quite a bit after a while. I would love a book that I could just give them the page to the guests to write on and I could assemble it all together. Expanding or not as required.Do you guys offer a book option? How do you manage it?Any thoughts, prompts, pointers are most welcome!! BTW I'm in the UK, you US guys might have more choice than us!All the best,Pat


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  • Mike
    We too have done away with the scrap book option for similar reasons.
  • buzzkcphoto
    We typically offer a black or white options, but have others. We also give suggestions of where to find books and the types that work best if they want to provide their own. We've mostly just brought scrapbook paper and let the client do as they wish with the pages that have been signed using a book that has insertable sleeves.
  • alice
    I just made up a scrapbook page for my website yesterday (Not posted yet.) I found three sources:

    Also google: Lisa Photo Booth Albums Etsy - she has a great product, but I don't want to use it cause: 1. expensive 2. so many choices (how do you present that to your client)

    Besides, isn't it the case, if you give your client a choice of scrap/memory books online that they will probably just buy one for themselves. If they buy it, you're not getting a cut. What's the attraction in offering the service? (So far I've never done one at an event- I just added it very recently as an option - so any advice is welcome!)
  • alice
    Pat - are you using the simple Scrapbook method with clear pockets/sleeves? You take the pages out, they add the photos/insights and then you place the pages back in. I was planning on using that style -- is that what you've used?
  • boothpix
    Most folks opt for the craft shop scrapbook albums. I personally hate that word and though started with these originally, I never liked them, I think they look nasty and cheap even if you buy a nice one. They deserve the word scrap book, like you Pat we prefer to offer 'Guest Books' and spend hours searching for them.

    You have to look at the professional photographic album suppliers online and see what they have. Sadly they do tend to work out considerably more expensive. The biggest pain is they keep changing them too.
  • boothpix
    We've also done hand made ones, very very expensive - £145 just for the album. Used to offer this when we started, before the discount brigade begun where having a photo booth was 'exclusive'. They were nice. Wish I could have found a company to create an average hand made one for about the £40 mark as something unique to us and individual and personalised to the hirer.

    The other week in Edinburgh, the family there, had got the girl who provided the stationery to make one or adapt one and make it personal & unique to them. The album, though not large was really nice, it was an old fashioned style, with string to tie the pages into the cover. (I'll see if I can find the photo we took of it and post it over the weekend). Again if I could find someone around our neck of the woods who could do that for us on behalf of clients I'd add that to my list.
  • boothpix
    Try these
  • vt_booths
    I use the Kolo Newport album. It's 11x14, fabric covered (several color choices) and post bound so it will hold unlimited pages without getting "puffy". I buy insert pages that come with post extenders so
    I can add or remove as many pages as necessary. The pages are either black or white depending on fabric color and the black pages look great with comments written in silver paint pen. It cost's $50 and looks very nice. I advertise it as a "Photo Strip Guest Book".
  • Mike
    Nice recommendation VT. I may have to try one of them out.
  • scottishmovies
    I found a decent book that I can offer for now. The one that attraced me to the site was a "guest book", it's white leather with the word "guests" in silver block foil. The problem is, it's a GUEST book so the pages are rubbish for what I want. But they do a Photo Album which is very similar. They would block foil if I order a box of 10 but they are about the £50 price point which is ok but I don't want to buy 10 at a time at that price just now.But what they did do was point in the direction of their own hand made linen covred albums which come boxed and are very, very good for the price. Again you've got to buy a box of 10 but at £15 were more reasonable to take a gamble on. Anyway, I bougt a box of 10 linen plus one leather one to try it out. They have arrived and I got to say the linen is much better than I though - it's not my ideal book yet but will do me unti lI find one. The leather one is ok as well but I'd much prefer it to have "guests" on it - or if I was paying the extra, perhaps my company name foil stamped on the rear as well. For now, I can offer a plain white luxury album in linen or leather so I'll see how it goes. BTW, the linen one is at a great price to offer as an incentive as well :)The ideal book? Still looking for it!
  • scottishmovies
    PM me if you want the company and product details - don't just want folk that are passing through and browsing to pick up trade prices. (they only supply the UK I think)
  • Unknown
    Do you mind to share the vendor Scottishmovies? I wouldn't mind purchasing samples.
  • iconicphotos
    Go to Walmart, they have a specific "scrapbook" section. For $10 buy the color that matches the wedding/event (some are fabric, some printed). Wrap a pretty cloth ribbon around the front cover (makes it fancy). Pre-decorate some pages with inexpensive ribbon, cutouts, stickers (I like the pretty gold and silver) I also try and add their name someplace on a few pages. Keep the pages out on the table only 2-3 at a time so they fill up properly, help guide guests on where to put the pictures and where to write. Watch out for kids scribbling. Add a DVD and deliver to your customer after you get home and put it back together in a nice fashion. Always have extra white pages on hand incase you run out. Calling it a "memory book". I will be posting some on my website in the next couple of weeks if you want to take a look. I have to admit, I have this down to a science, doesn't cost much and is presented as custom. I charge $100. Email me if you have questions.
  • Kat
    The scrapbook industry is huge (I am an addict myself). There are many various sizes out there and CUTE albums you could use. Personally, I do not want to get cheap albums because I feel it would be a bad reflection to my business. I found this one: which is reasonably priced. Instead of offering the service for free, you could charge a fee? Or ask what the customer plans to do, maybe they already have an idea for an album and do not need yours, only the photo pages? I have a ton of scrapbook store addresses if anyone wants to look around.
  • Martica
    I upsell a LOT of Memory Books for $100. I always tell the brides/clients that it will be personalized and can replace their boring traditional guest book. I get info from the bride/client as to what their theme is, colors, decor, etc and personalize the book as much as possible.On the first page I do their names. I buy paper to match their theme colors and then just try to personalize as much as possible. I try to fit 3-4 strips to each page, front and back. We always fill up the book. I have an attendant working on the book. I don't just put the pages out for guests because they make a mess or take up an entire page for themselves. At the end of the evening, we present it to the bride/client in a nice gift bag. (dollar store)As far as the books, it has been a challenge to find nice ones that don't look/feel cheapy. I got one this past weekend that was beautiful, nice cover was $29.99 and I had a coupon (Joanns). Got it for 1/2 off. The bride wanted a specific color.I get really great feedback from guests and brides. It does take up a lot of my time because I'm shopping around for the best 3d stickers, paper on sale, books, etc to match their themes. But that's what they're paying for, my time. Brides don't have time to put together a nice book. My son just got me a Sissix Big Shot and we're going to take it up a notch with embossing the pages and making them even nicer.
  • Soundsations
    I just use $10 "memory" books form Walmart. Seriously..they are padded and look fairly nice. Dot runners for the adhesive and a couple colors of opaque markers. I charge $250 for the option and book it about 80% of my weddings. If I DJ the reception also, I throw it in for free.
  • catchphotobooths
    I am not sure that there is one ideal book. The scrap book is so personal to the bride, I am getting to the point where I prefer that they provide their own.
  • Soundsations
    Be careful with that. Two month ago had a bride who INSISTED on saving some money and wanted to provide her own scrapbook table. It was an absolute disaster. Scrapbook "swag" was all over the place as nobody was attending the station. It was a free for all at the table and many people complained to ME asking "why are you not keeping up with the guests at the's a MESS!"....well, had to explain to each of them this was not my setup and the bride wanted to do her own version of what we usually do......this was not part of my service at this particular event".
  • scottishmovies
    Forgot to get back with an answer about the supplier of "guest book" so apologies for that! The company is uk based and is called ohsocherished the book however isn't listed - you'll have to call them and explain what you're looking for - very nice people to deal with! Have a browse on their website though, some nice things.
  • skyhawk
    We offer the scrapbook service for free now because other vendors in the area did so first. So, we get whatever is the least expensive, there were some fairly decent ones at Michaels on sale for $5 each, we cleaned them out last year and now I need to score another lot. We place the photos on black pages and the gel pens show up nicely. The bride can always buy a nicer looking 12x12 book and transfer the sleeves over to it.
  • adam
    These are our choice of book also available in a brown paper colour.
  • cowboybooth
    I use hobby lobby, micheals, or joanns fabric.
    All 3 of these have albums that range from $9.99-24.99 the $9.99 are the basic 12x12 with white pages and no photo front, but they are generally on sale at 40% off, and then you can sometimes get a 20% coupon all items which makes the book about $3.50-4!!
    I offer a free (the basic $9.99 album) for ALL my events, so i buy these from the local store when they have good sales at bulk, generally 10-15 albums at a time.
    and even the higher priced albums I can get for 50% off with a coupon or if they are on sale. Those I do for clients who purchase my upgraded album. Which then I offer various colored pages, scissors with the funky designs, stickers, additional pages, etc... (this pic is the upgraded album
  • vultee
    I use Henzo albums lonzo, lonzo professional, executive. Simple, elegant, well made.
  • Minh
    oh soundsations, taht sounds scarey! lol
    maybe i should do an upchrage that says.. you can either do $$ for an album or $ for us to man an album table set up of your own! lol

    sounds like a nightmare lol
  • Unknown
    We buy scrapbooks at Michael's or Aaron Brothers. They may not be the best, but we don't make a ton of profit on the guestbook service since it requires bringing an extra attendant to over see that process. If they don't like our book, the pages can very easily be transferred to a book they like better. They are paying for the labor, not the best book. I could upgrade the book, but then I would have to take a price increase.
    I have had brides that want to bring their own and we explain that most of the cost is in the labor, and if they want to bring their own they are welcome to, but the cost doesn't change.
    We did one bar mitzvah where we agreed to print extra copies and the guests would manage putting the extra copy into a book provided by the mom. She brought glue tape and pens. I was really worried that I was going to end up doing all the work anyway, but to my surprise it worked out just fine. I have no idea how the book turned out, but I didn't feel responsible for it either. It was on a high cocktail table, so little kids didn't have access to it. We started offering this as an option and have had one bride take us up on it. We charge $50 for extra prints (2 hours). We may decide to charge more for a longer event, but most of our weddings are 2-3 hours.
  • Unknown
    Hi scottishmovies. Haven't done a gig yet, still building the booth and getting everything in place so might be speaking a bit out of turn, but we had the same problem finding something as you. Found these , which might be of some use. Waiting for 1 to be delivered, but pic looks nice and able to add pages.
  • Minh
    I use a 8x11 scrapbook.

    1) it's smaller and easier to haul around for the person having to keep it

    2) easier to find insert paper

    3) looks better

    4) smaller album, needs less space on the album table for signing.

    Black paper with neon metallic markers... Everyone's loved them. I get this album for $9 and over 50 sheets of paper for $4
  • bitcraft
    I've got scrapbooks as an option, but nobody has asked for it yet. In my area all of the other photo booth companies that I have found at least have the option for one. I suppose these may be going out of favor as social media integration becomes more widespread.
  • texasphotobox
    Personally I do not care for the scrap books but we have to offer it in my market because that is still what everyone wants. I get mine from Hobby Lobby and it cost less than $50 with all the pages. Fake leather bound and I use only white or black pages. Cant wait to stop offering this service honestly.
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