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What do you do? Do you send a "Rental Agreement" with all the legalise in fine print 1. When you send an initial quote or 2. when they've agreed to book and you send an invoice for payment? I am frustrated with clients who don't fill out and return the paperwork about their event (think I'm a mind reader!) and don't want to talk (only email!) - In the end, I always get the Rental Agreement, but sometimes it's not until I get the final payment at the event. (Most clients won't pay the full amount up front! Is that a different discussion -- or just a whiney complaint?) Your experiences?


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  • Mike
    I send the service agreement with the retainer invoice. On our website and throughout the communications with the client I make it clear your date will not be secured until I have both your retainer and signed service agreement. I have never not had the service agreement in hand weeks prior to an event (except for the occassional last minute booking).Payment in full, 21 days prior which also means service agreement in hand.
  • boothpix
    Our quote form is also a booking form, it refers to the terms on the website.

    I use a brilliant piece of software for tracking all enquiries, quotes, invoices called 'SliQ Invoicing' (not expensive) until recently it did lack a few really usefull features but they do listen to feedback and have made several updates, the biggest being 'due date' on invoices I can now specify our due date, even if the event is 18mths away (I hated the 30/60/90 etc day type).
  • alice
    Do you have to charge sales tax in your state?
  • Mike
    In Ohio we are required to collect sales & use tax. Now there is a loop hole where if no prints are produced we do not. But who wants a photo booth with no prints?
  • buzzkcphoto
    Our service agreement is the quote we give them, they have the option to add additional upgrades and send back a signed copy, we'll counter sign and send a copy back to them (not valid unless both parties have signed). Deposit is due at the time of signing, full payment 10 days prior to the event. We charge sales tax for the city/state where the event occurs (unless no prints are made).
  • alice
    Hi again - Hey, BuzzKC, Your website is so full of options! Do you do the "strips in sleeves" bit yourself at an event? I find it so busy at an event I think I'd need a helper to do that. Mind sharing which company you buy from? (Googled and a few showed up). I'm still being frustrated with my clients right now... no emails and their dates are coming up. I've emailed them asking how their "party planning" is going -- please let me know blah, blah blah... and 4 days later, no response. Do you man-handle them in your communications? You know, put your foot down with some kind of deadline?
  • boothpix
    Alice - I have the opposite - I have clients with bookings months away trying to sort out the details. I'm mentally still on Aprils!

    The UK sales tax system (VAT) is based on turnover, fairly unlikely with a single booth to hit the limit to change, it would have a big impact on pricing if we did and probably kill us off. If we get close to it as things develop, we'll split the company into separate businesses to keep it below the threshold.
  • buzzkcphoto
    Alice, We usually have two attendants, some folks don't want the sleeves. We've also offered small stick on magnets (usually with fund raisers), which lets them stick the pictures on their fridge (with our info at the bottom of course).

    I don't remember where we got ours, but they are similar to ones posted on LinkedIn recently:

    If you're no tying

    ribbon or anything to the plastic sleeves (flexible frames) go to

    ClearBags and purchase the following product:

    2 3/16 x 6 1/16 No Flap, Crystal Clear Bags (56x154) (100 pack) [B2X6SNF]

    If you're tying ribon to the sleevs and want to seal them as well, go to

    The Box Depot and purchase the following product: (aPS-BM4) 2-3/16 x

  • alice
    Hi Buzz - I looked that up and contacted those people at Box Depot. I use 2x6 strips. They have a bag, but it is like some kind of envelope. You have to tear-off a strip and seal it closed like an envelope. That doesn't sound right. Is your bag different?
  • deevee44
    Speaking of sales tax...When you quote a price, do you tell them the price plus tax or do you tell them the price and you pay the tax out of it
  • Mike
    I provide the sale price plus sales tax. you dont want to erode your margins paying their tax.
  • alice
    I also provide the price (stated online) and add sales tax (also stated online on the website).
  • Kat
    Could anyone share their contract with me? I have a bare bones contract written to give my lawyer but since we do not have any photo booth services like this around here, I'm afraid he may miss something vital.
  • Mike
    You've got mail Kat, I sent you a message.
  • Kat
    Thanks Mike! Got it. This is a huge help! You had a few things I had not even thought about including.
  • Mike
    You're welcome Kat. Wonder if a thread on a generic community contract would be of benefit. Hmmm, might have to think about that one.
  • Martica
    I don't send the rental agreement until after they have received a quote and ask to confirm their date. I require a $200 deposit and signed agreement to reserve the date and final payment is due 30days prior to event date. I get a good amount of prepaid bookings. I just got a booking for Feb 2013 and they prepaid in full!Communication is easy, mostly emails and some phone calls.
  • photoboothking
    What you guys do for cancellations? I had a customer who just paid me in full yesterday for a event next month, but needs to cancel because they have to leave town for emergency.
  • Mike
    I have a $250 transferable, non-refundable retainer.
  • skyhawk
    We have a 50% deposit, that seems to be working although I wonder if I've lost any bookings over it. That usually amounts to about $400. Sales tax is based on what county the event is held, so that can vary.
  • Mike
    I started with the same, but now have a flat $250 deposit and have seen a higher closing rate since changing it 2+ years ago.
  • photoboothlady
    Hey Mike, I think the contract I'm using is not really good enough and has some loop holes. Could you send me a copy of yours? Don't have enough money right now for a lawyer. I only have a $100 non-refundable deposit, too little?
  • Unknown
    Mike, would you also be able to send me a copy of your contract that you use? I would like to compare that to others I have seen and the one I'm currently writing.
  • rcmi
    Hi Mike,

    May I also get a copy of a sample contract ?

    Thank you
  • paphotobooths
    Mike, Can I get a copy also??
  • Mike
    Mine is very tailored for my business. I will see about getting a more generic one together. You will still need to consult your legal counsel to ensure it meets your business and state's laws.
  • DazzlingPhotoBooth
    I use to send a digital contract to client and they can type or use trackpad or mouse to write and sign and then click on button to be bound to contract and it emails it back to me...then i add my digital signature and send to them for their records. All done in 30 minutes or less I have a signed contract. At same time I send a paypal invoice that gives space for contract terms and message...

    I am a tech nerd and like all online stuff for fast service both ways.

    My step-dad is a lawyer and edited my contract. Very nice of him.
  • Minh
    i use easy, and free. You can do it from iphoen or iPad.
    Here's my contract if you're interested:

    Feel free to look it over and copy it and use it for yourself... BUT.. do me a favor and tell me if you find any errors ;) haha
  • BTP
    LOL, I like how you have the file marked. "do not delete"
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