Friends and Family Discounts?

Do any of you offer any type of discounts for friends and family?


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  • Mike
    I do. I look at it as advertising to all the other guests that are not friends or family. Plus why have a booth if you cannot enjoy it with the people you care about?
  • BrianS
    I have been talking to my wife about this very issue. One thought was to price the F&F event at the next lowest package price, Another thought was to flat rate the event at a cost multiplier + use...EG paper at $100 and use at $100 for a total of $200. No guest book,. no add ons.

    But, whatever you choose to do, or not do...get a signed contract. Do not believe for a second that because its a friend or family member you couldnt get slapped with some suit.
  • Mike
    That is about the price I came with also Brian. I always, always get a service agreement. I like to have expectations set and both sides happy.
  • buzzkcphoto
    For family and close friends it's usually cost depending on the hours, travel, supplies needed, attendant wages. Beyond that we may give a good deal, such as the lowest rate, but always a service agreement.
  • carlrez
    Yeah, I've seen enough family/friends jobs go wrong to know that you always always ALWAYS want to put it in writing.
  • Mike
    No matter what do not forget you are running a business and these events add wear and tear on the equipment you count on to make you money.
  • Pwa25
    I do, but not normally on a Fri/Saturday night unless it was a real close family/friend as I don't see the point in losing potential money  doing a cheap one and not being available to do a 'real' paying job, if that makes sense?!
  • Studio2go
    Yes! We absolutely do F&F discounts. I agree with Mike, it's advertising and we get to enjoy it at the party too.

    We have received no less than 2 extra bookings from doing a F&F gig and networking with someone who is a friend of a friend at that party.

    We always make sure that everything is in the contract including what the price should be. Also, make sure the Friend or Family member understands that the discount also buys their silence, so when we inevitably do get those other 2 bookings, the friend of the friend is not expecting the same discounted price.
  • PropTrunk
    Hey guys!

    here's a little discount that I guess you could call Friends & Family:

    Take $10 off on the purchase of any of our retro collection sets! Each set contains 6 double sided pieces for a total of 12 props / designs per set.

    Just use coupon code '10bucks' at check out. Follow the link to access the collection

    I've attached a sample

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