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I was curious to hear from others about their website.
Did you build your site or hire someone to put it together?
I've been considering hiring someone to put mine together then I will maintain/update the pages. I have HTML experience; however, with everything else I'm trying to get done right now, I really don't have the time to dedicate to it when I'm working a "normal" full-time job also. The only downside is it's another expense added to my already over budget start up costs. :(


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  • Mike
    Completely build from the ground up by myself ( It is always in flux but over all I am pretty happy with the current design.
    I know the feeling of juggling a full-time job and running a photo booth business on the side. One day may we find financial independence and be able to booth full-time :)
  • carlrez
    Hi Kat,Have you looked at using a content management system (CMS) like Wordpress? It's very popular, very easy to use, and there are a ton of themes out there that enable you to change the look of your entire website with a couple of clicks. And, most importantly, it's FREE!
    Depending on the company you use to host your site, they may have some scripts that make it very easy to install.
    Bluehost is who I use and I really like them. Their rates are reasonable and their support is great. I have never had to wait more than 15 or 20 seconds before I'm on the phone with a tech support agent who is 1.) In the United States 2.) Knows what their doing, and 3.) knows who to ask if they don't know how to help you.
    Also, WooThemes is a good place to go when looking for a new Wordpress theme.
    (There are ads for both companies on this site...clicking on them will help support this site.)
    If you feel intimidated by Wordpress there is a huge support community.
    You can play around with it by creating a blog here:
  • Mike
    Yep lots of great themes for Wordpress out there. There is a link to woo themes to the right that has some great ones (it is an affiliate link)
  • Kat
    I registered my domain with hostgator. They have a site builder you can use to build your pages I haven't played with it much, just chose my page layout. My website is awesome in my head LOL
  • Mike
    you have to start somewhere.
  • carlrez
    While working on my site I found a nice "Under Construction" plugin for Wordpress that has a countdown to my site's launch. I found seeing that keeps me obligated and focused on getting it done.
  • alice
    I built my site myself (not HTML background) - so it's all drag and drop ( I've thought about dropping them - but I can't deal with starting over at this point. I tried Bluehost in the past and had a trial run with WordPress. Now I feel embarassed that I just couldn't understand them. My site, by a long-shot, isn't all I want it to be, but at least it's there. So may better serve those of us drop-n-drag queens. (if you go with and need a quick tutorial - just give us a ring)Any feedback on my pricing page would be appreciated. I'm afraid I might have gone overboard on my "magazine theme" (?)
  • carlrez
    If you like to drag n drop have you ever looked at It's a powerful drag n drop type hosting service and it looks very modern and clean.

    Don't feel bad about not understanding Wordpress when it comes to creating a theme. That is pretty involved. Once that's done adding content and keeping your site organized is really easy.
  • studiokeko
    I know this is an old thread, thought i'd chime in anyway.
    I'm building the site as we speak, my booth business isn't up and running yet. It's Wordpress as well. I simply use an existing theme and customize it to my liking. I dont't have any coding background but do know my way around, how to change certain elements and so on. It's all trial and error and what takes me 2 hours, would only be a few minutes of work for an actual coder. But it helps. A lot. But if the budget would allow it, I would definitely hire someone to do it. Definitely, no doubt.
    Anyone interested in looking at an under construction Dutch website is welcome to have a peek. The online booking system I mentioned in another thread is up and running as well. Though it's all Dutch, comments and critiques are welcome as well.
  • Kat
    All three of your sites look great! @studiokeko, I think I can read Dutch LOL at least in a way, I got an idea of what each page was about.

    If anyone noticed my absence it was because July was full of fun, vacation and a wedding. Unfortunately no boothing, not because I had no interest but because nothing was ready since I was gone so much. Back in the saddle now. Almost have my shell done for my equipment, just one panel left to sew, waiting for my logo contest to end so I can order business cards and get the logo on my half built site.
  • Unknown
    We used for ours. I have been told that Wordpress is easy, but it was not for me so I changed to squarepace. There is definitely a learning curve, but I'm happy with the service and it saved me thousands of dolllars!
  • Unknown
    If you don't want to build your own checkout They built my site and have great prices!
  • Kat
    Tony, did they build your site then give you some sort of Content Management System so you can update the pages yourself? How pricey was this service?
  • Kat
    The pages they've created look very similar to the Elegant Themes website ( which is what I've considered using in the past.
  • Unknown
    Hi Kat,

    I didn't have the time to build it myself. I gave them the content, etc he used Wordpress and set it up that I could add/change things, and also he has an option to update change stuff for you. I paid $500 for that site. His name is Jim
  • studiokeko
    Thanks for checking out my site(s) Kat!
  • Kat
    I called squeekpress. Told Jim, "Tony sent me" LOL He really got a chuckle when I told him just make me some thing clean and easy on the eyes so I don't have to stress about it anymore!
  • socialbooth
    I used Wordpress. I've used it on quite a few things so had a good idea of what to do. The hardest part was theming it. I gave in and purchased a template as I just didn't have enough time to put one otgether from scratch.
    It's still work in progress and as I'm new to boothing it's not very full.
  • Mike
    Looks good @socialbooth. Can't go wrong with WordPress and purchased theme. Online in minutes!
  • Unknown
    @Tony,I called squeekpress. Told Jim, "Tony sent me" LOL He really got a chuckle when I told him just make me some thing clean and easy on the eyes so I don't have to stress about it anymore!Haha! that's great! You'll be pleased with his work and your pockets won't take a beating.
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