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I have been a photo booth provider for about 6 weeks now. I have held 6 events so far (school dances), but have not had a need to create a scrapbook yet. Well, I will be doing an event which the customer has requested a scrapbook. I am seeking advice. I would like to know where you purchase the scrapbooks, what kind you use, how many pages do you bring and if you put more than 1 photo strip on each page. Any other words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated. Thx


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  • Soundsations
    OK, here's a few things to consider....
    I get my books from Walmart...they are always there and only $10 for a 12" x 12".Use dot-runners...$2.50 double sided adhesive tape dispensers (I go through one per event)The books come with 10 sleeves...I don't add anymore, and if I do it's only a couple extra.I place 6 strips per page, staggered one up and one down to leave room to write.I prefer using black textured paper inserts and silver or gold opaque paint markersMost important...HAVE AN EXTRA ATTENDANT! A dedicated attendant to assist with placement of the prints and help guests not write all over the page is invaluable. You will be busy enough keeping props in order and adding scrapbpook duties for four hours will make you insane. There are a few things you will figure out yourself, but this should get you started.
  • Soundsations goes without saying, but use BOTH sides of each page giving you a total of about 20 pages.
    Another thing..if your doing 4x6 prints, I do three per page.
    Lastly, HAVE FUN!!!
  • Unknown
    Excellent tips, Scott.
    My wife does it, and she adds little scap booking decorations and stickers that you can buy in packages. We also cut up little sheets of coloured paper with patterned scissors (what the heck are those actually called?) so people can write their notes on those and she sticks 'em in the book.
  • Soundsations
    Sample book page...typical wedding.
  • Soundsations
    Quick video of a book we did a couple years ago. New attendant and she didn't know to try and keep it at 3 pictures per page. Still did a good job however....only had to add a few extra sheets. We don't put EVERY picture in there.
  • Jan
    We use a 12x12 book with black pages, 10 pages (use both sides) each page is in plastic. We always get our books at Michaels with a coupon for 40-50% off so it makes the book about $10. We use white pens so it all looks very uniform and classy. Double stick tape and we put 4-5 strips on a page. We use 2x8" strips. They have a header with the couples names and date and the footer has our name, but for the book we cut off both. We have found that the key to making the book look great is to point to where you want the guests to write, especially after a few drinks. Everyone loves our books. I have to give credit to our booth attendants, they are great and take a lot of pride in the product.
  • alice
    Same as above mostly. FYI, we bought a Sticky-Dot Stamper (by Elmers) and it seemed to work great for one scrapbook. Suddenly, it had to be forced harder to make the dots stick and was actually making marks on the photos. Don't recommend it. Now using double-sided sticky tape.
  • Unknown
    I have never seen the black paper inserts. Are you buying the paper seperate?
  • Soundsations
    Yes...comes in a book that the pages are torn out from.
  • ciphoto
    I've always used Kolo Newport albums. They are a little more expensive than the books from Michael's or Walmart, but I think they look way better. They are super classy with thick cloth hinged pages, rather than a piece of paper inside of a plastic sleeve. I prefer the 11 x 14. Some come with black pages, others with ivory. It depends on the cover color. You can buy the albums and extra refill pages wholesale from OrangeArt if you have a state resale certificate (minimum order of $250 for your first order). Or Ben Franklin online has them for less than any other retailer, no minimum. Orange Art also sells those great Sanford Uniball metallic gel pens in gold & silver at about half the cost of retail. Forget those little plastic tape runners. The cost of those add up quick. Go pro with an Automatic Tape Gun (ATG) and acid free archival tape refills. A bit of an investment for the initial purchase, but should last forever and keep costs down in the long run. W
  • Martica
    Hi, haven't been in here for a while but WOW! Mike it's awesome, so much great info.As far as the books, I promote a 'personalized' Memory Book. I usually get the 12x12 books from Joann's using 40-50% coupons. I email the bride/groom a month prior to their wedding and ask for info regarding their theme, colors, decor, preferences, etc.I personalize the books with their names on the front page, color pages to match their decor and any additional nice 3d type of stickers. Depending on the booth usage, we (always have an attendant for the book) put 3-5 pictures on each page, front and back.I purchased a couple of border cutouts (Martha Stewart) on sale and have saved $$ using those to decorate.The families, guests always rave about the books. So much nicer and elegant than using the plain paper that comes with the books. My costs are usually between $12-25 including the books. I attached a pic.
  • catchphotobooths

    I had the same experience with the Elmers dot stampers. They worked well at first, but then became crap. Two sided tape is probably the easiest and best for me.
  • CliffH
    This is my first time posting on this site! I've been the PB biz for 4 years and have 4 booth. All info for the Scrapbook is exactly what we do! I have gone to calling it a "Guest Book" just to help defer costs a little.
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