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Hey y'all!!! I've been a member for a few months now and never really posted before, just a lurker, lol! But now that things are picking up for me I have questions!

A little background: I'm starting a booth business. (duh) We have a booth that we built and plan to specialize in custom booths. We've done a few pro-Bono events to get images for marketing purposes and to work out the kinks. I'm putting together my business cards on and they let you do up to 25 images for the backside of the business cards. I was thinking of putting images from the booth that show people having fun and enjoying the booth...1 image per card. I just wanted some outside opinions on it. the front side will have all the contact info, etc. What do you think of putting the images on the backside of the cards?

Thank you!


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  • Mike
    One recommendation is to have anyone in the photos sign a model release. Without it you could I would be very leery of placing images of others on the backs of your business cards.
  • funfotostudioz
    I considered doing the same thing but the signed contracts I have only release pictures of the client that hired us. I use photo booth pictures of my friends and family from personal events I've done and they usually don't have a problem with it. Also, if the person in the picture is unrecognizable (hidden behind props or other people), it might be acceptable to use those.
  • Jan
    Personally, I wouldn't put images on the back of the cards. People get funny about that and unless you have a release from those people, I just wouldn't take the chance...even friends or family. I also like to leave the back of the cards clear so if I want to write anything on it or if someone I am giving the card to wants to write prices, or my name, gives that personal touch. They just may remember us if a name is written on the card in that pile of cards they collected. More FaceTime can hurt.
  • vebo
    I have just ordered some cards for my new photo booth business, and I put 2 qr codes on the back, one to my website and one for my Facebook page. hopefully enough people will know what they are.
  • skidz7
    Great idea, but get a model release. Though our agreement contains a model release, I've done a few events for close friends so those are the photos I usually use.
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