Nosey clients?

Does anyone ever encounter the "nosey" clients? I've done a few gigs and I always have people asking what I use, what program, etc. BUT I've had a few people just walk behind my table and open my curtain to where my printer, laptop, camera, etc are and start looking. I'm not sure what to say to people when they do that without sounding rude lol. Any suggestions?


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  • KEH
    Haha.. YES!!! I had someone ask me at my last event HOW MUCH I PAID FOR MY BOOTH because she wanted to get into the business!! How rude! I tried to answer very politely by saying it varies depending on what options you get and that there was plenty of information on the internet if she was interested.
  • Candy
    Well I fibbed a little and said I designed the format on photo shop lol. I think the peeking behind my curtain bugged me more though :/
  • scottishmovies
    I always seem to attract people who are nosey!! Particularly DJs, they alawys think they can get in on the act and think they can oofer it as part of THEIR package. I usually just walk over to their equipment when they are playing music and huff and puff a bit and mention that I saw very similar gear to theirs on ebay very cheap and had toyed with the idea of doing a "DJ" as a special FREE offer (that always gets them!!) with a sly comment such as "well any body can press a button to play music can't they - seems like a no-brainer to me!" Although when asked how much my booth costs - and it does happen most weeks I usually say it costs at least 20k more than I would have liked to pay for it as it had to be shipped in from overseas (without mentioning a figure) and the software is a nightmare to use!

    Do these peopel honestly think I'm going to give it all away because they think I'm a nice guy and will sell myself down the river - I don't think so! I try not to be rude but I'm also not stupid enough to roll over for them :)
  • Candy
    Funny you mentioned dj's Scottish. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY back in the day I use to be in a dj crew, blah blah blah. So I know some local djs and what not. I have this one who called me the other day and told me he was meeting up with a few brides and let them know he has access to a photo booth. So he asked me if I was interested and maybe he could subcontract me, put me on his contract or I could have my own. I'm thinking it over as I need to start making some money asap but at the same time I don't want to lose my identity. I do photography first and for most so I'm trying to get my name out there as well. He didn't seem to be insistent about only being on his contract but I'm just not sure. I could use a few gigs at this point. I mean I guess I could say I'm making this much no, if ands or butts about it but then I feel like I'm working under him? Has anyone ever done this or do you advise against it?
  • Mike
    I do similar to what @scottishmovies said above, though I just typically pull out my iPhone with a DJ app on it, lately it has been Vibe Music Mixer and say something like "surprisingly easy to use".
  • Candy
    LOL. There is a well known photo booth business in my area and surprisingly it started because the husband, who I know, is a dj.

    If you can't dj with turntables and vinyl....forget about it! lol
  • LorneChesal
    ahhh.. the war between the DJ and the photographer/photo booth operator/decorator/lighting designer.

    Been going on since forever. I don't meet many DJs with the personality to operate a photo booth. They can reverse engineer all they wish, but if they don't have the people skills to do this, they'll fail. In my experience, they try to get into everything that can make them money. Nothing wrong with that at all.

    People are curious by nature. How many here didn't catch the booth bug in a similar way? *Everybody* walks away from seeing a photo booth thinking... "I could do that" I will agree it's rude to just walk in and start lifting curtains and opening doors... but... people can be rude too. All people and in every situation.

    I've had at least 3 guests come up to me at events and observe how patient and accommodating I am with nosey people.

    Being a wedding photographer for 20+ years, I have always tried to remember that I am in front of dozens if not hundreds of potential clients at every gig. Behave accordingly.
  • Candy
    Good way of thinking Lorne. I agree. I don't want to be rude in any manner because I strive to be as professional as possible. I just wish people wouldn't lift my curtains though lol. I didn't say anything to them but inside I was like "Stooooooop" lol
  • scottishmovies
    @Lorne I didn't realise it was a war - I'll be on my guard in future :)

    @Candy - in my youth I was known to spin a few vinyls as well so maybe that's why I do this now.

    I didn't get into booths by seeing another one at a wedding. I did a few wedding videos for people and at the end of the day I set up a video diary room and people loved it. I researched it, thinking I would do a video kiosk of sorts and came across photo booths. Loved the idea and pursued it further - still never having seen one in real life - I bought one!
  • funfotostudioz
    Maybe you just need to smile and tell them the truth, "That's where we keep all the trade secrets so I need to keep the curtains closed!". Of course, most of us here know there are no big secrets, except knowing how to deal with people.
  • Candy
    @scottishmovies That's cool!!! Do you still do the video diary?

    @funfotostudioz I like that! =)
  • Mike
    @funfotostudioz nice one
  • scottishmovies
    @Candy - unfortunately that was in my "friends and family" days and income from them doesn't pay well (in fact friends and family are hard work if you ask me!) But I loved it - and people really appreciated the diary footage - more than the actual wedding - vows 'n all. But Im so glad I came across booths - I LOVE this job, I do it full time nd spend alot of time making our product so much better than the competition!
  • LorneChesal
    Of course, most of us here know there are no big secrets, except knowing how to deal with people.

    Bingo. True of most every service these days.
  • LorneChesal
    @Lorne I didn't realise it was a war - I'll be on my guard in future :)

    In the minds of some it is. Not to me of course.

    In my experience, the DJ's are more inclined to offer "complementary" services these days. As a photographer, I don't spark up my iPhone at the dance "just for my own use"

    I think it comes from their lost business due to the "playlist at my wedding" mentality that I think has passed.
  • boothpix
    First question we get asked is "is it a franchise"? Never sure if they are asking because they want to start or just nosey.

    Either way I'm politely dismissive. I dislike the ones who want to come and discuss hire prices too, especially over loud music.
  • skyhawk
    This happened quite a bit at a major bridal expo I went to in January. I think some people were sent by competition to troll our booth and 'try it out'. I think someone might have even snooped around while we were gone after setting up the night before.
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