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I'm wondering if other people have this problem and how they solve it. As I am sure most of you do also, we offer a guest book with our package's or as an add on. We charge $125. Some people say, we will do our own book. At first we said fine but that NEVER works out. If it is on another table and the guests are responsible they make a mess and it looks horrible. Problem with that is our company is associated with it. Doesn't matter if we had nothing to do with it, still reflects on us. I believe we have not been to a venue recently because of that issue. So, if we are asked, we state the above. Well, some people say, can you just put it together for us. OK, so that doesn't seem to work either because most of the time they have supplies that don't work properly so we end up using ours. Also, it is using our staff and I schedule certain people to do the book when we are doing a book. Some are just better at it. We put together a very attractive classy looking book and want to keep this standard. Then at times we arrive at an event and are handed a bag of supplies and a book by someone at the venue that says..."the couple said this is for the photo booth people" Not going to stress the bride out at her wedding so we suck it up and do the book (with our supplies of course). Does anyone else have this issue and how do they handle it? Do you have something in your contracts that deals with this? This is one of my pet peeves....drives me crazy and I want to come up with a tactful way to handle this situation....thanks all...jan


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  • Mike
    My contract states that we do not and will not provide memory/scrap book services. I quick doing them a couple years back as no one wanted to pay for them and they were a lot of extra stress on us. I always walk through this with the couple when consulting them and make it crystal clear.
    I have twice been handed similar packets of scrapbook items and always present the contract with guest book services declined. At that point I ask them to return it to the couples items.
    One thing should be noted that I only have one competitor in my small market and neither of us provide this service. So I can get away with this. If you are in a market filled with competitors you may or may not be able to get away with this.
  • Jan
    I couldn't get away with not having the guest books. Everyone offers them in my area. It is also a good profit margin item and when we do it, it also serves as a good marketing tool. So many of the guests and friends of the couple see it.
  • BTP
    I've run in to this a few times with the book.  We include a book with our packages and just tell those that "want to use our own book" that it's in our contract that I either won't have anything to do with it and they will have to assign someone to put it together for them as we will not be responsible for it, or we will use their book but it will be another 150.00 for us to put it together.  Usually the extra 150.00 changes their minds and we don't have to deal with their mess.

    And like Mike said, you should have something in your contract stating what you won't do.  I've never had to use something that we don't supply.  :)

    Or maybe just start charging a lot of extra $$ to use their book and supplies or adjust your prices and include the book in your packages
  • Soundsations
    My book price is $200 and I get that practically with any wedding. Some have told me to charge $250 however have been declined more so than there were takers. Hardly anybody argues the price of such a great product :rolleyes: lol But seriously though, I have had a few say what your asking...."We'll do our own" don't think so. I let then know it's us or nothing.
  • LorneChesal
    Like Mike, I don't offer this "service" I do offer a second set of prints @ $45 per hour and our free "point-to-the-guestbook" service. Never had an issue with being associated with a crappy looking book.

    To me, this is an example of the "never say no, say how much" school of thought. Get a happy price for doing a book and offer that with a smile. They accept, more $$ at a price you like. They decline, no problem.

    Might not work in a market where you are competing on price alone.

    I have learned not to care what others do/offer. Go into McDonald's & ask for onion rings noting that Burger King has them. See if that gets you onion rings.
  • jtphotobooth
    I charge $300 for a custom book and $150 a standard book. Our standard books are actually custom too but not as fancy. I also have a hidden price for $75 dollars just for a regular one.
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