Booth idle/black time

Wondering what everyone does about idle/black time. In the two and a half years we have been doing this, we have not used or charged for this. Now I have received a couple of requests that the booth be set up prior to the event and how much was idle time. It's not like we can set up the booth and go home, there is usually considerable travel time and attendants to pay.How do all of you handle this? Thanks in advance for the help..


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  • LorneChesal
    I charge $35 an hour for idle time.

    I usually only get asked for this at weddings, where the client wants an hour of booth during cocktail hour and then 2 or 3 hours after dinner.

    So an evening's booth timeline may be 6pm-7pm and 9pm-11pm.

    3 hours of booth = $635
    2 hours of idle time = $70
    Total fee = $ 705

    I don't see getting fed as a fair exchange for idle time. That is offered (and declined) sometimes.
  • Mike
    $50/hour though I do not advertise that i will do idle time.
  • Unknown
    We charge $60/hour. In the last 6 or so months we've been up and running I've only had one job that wanted it. We setup for 5pm, ran for an hour, took a 2 hour break when they had dinner (and so did we, across the street [date night!]) and then ran for another 3 hours.
    I think it's going to be fairly rare (as you've found). That wedding was all organized by the mother of the bride as the couple lived out of province. You could tell she didn't have any problems throwing money around to make things as perfect as the could be. Ideal clients :D
  • skyhawk
    We charge just $20/hr for idle time, that covers the 'idle' hourly wages for my attendants. I wonder what DJ's do in their biz? Do they charge for idle time or is that always built in to the price? Seems like they are always setting up the day before while decorating.
  • Unknown
    Whoa, $20 is a steal!
    I suppose it's different if you have attendants out doing the work. I bill so much because it's my wife and I out on the gigs, and instead of sitting around doing nothing at least we can go eat a nice dinner :D
  • skyhawk
    It's also to match competition in the area as well..
  • Martica
    I charge $40 per hour for idle time. Mostly happens when it's a 2hour booking and they want the booth used for the last 2 hours of the evening but want it set up when reception starts.It mostly pays for the attendants.
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