Closing do you shutdown your booth?

So i've run into some "slight" issues at a few events during closing time. I'm scheduled from 6PM-9PM, We are setup and running at 6PM and everything goes ok, its a little slow because the client puts us in the back of the room or a total separate room altogether. We like to tell the DJ about 30mins prior to closing to make a last call. We generally get a flood of another 20 people and then at 9PM sometimes a few mins past we place the ropes up to shut down the line, and thats when people get crazy for some reason. "can you do just one more", "i didn't know you guys where here, can you do one for me?", etc...
At one event we were placed next to the door where everyone went to smoke, and right when i closed, they flooded in, can i get one, i'm in the wedding party, just one last one (well if i do one last for you, then the next person who walks up will expect one last one as well). My theory is you've had about 15 smoke breaks from the event, and not one of those you couldn't hold off to come take a picture and now its my fault?
At an event a few weekends ago, I had my ropes up with a big group of people in line, and those in line I let in, but then I had people going under the rope, taking the rope down, etc...and the group I had in line EACH person wanted there own set of pictures (so 6 sessions with 1 person) and then they all wanted a group picture, not to mention I had about 10 more people behind them to go. When I mentioned to them, We are closing and I won't be able to get all of you your own photo and then all the people behind you, they were like sure you can and just jumped into the booth one at a time (REALLY!?), so after I got all the rest of the people in line there photo and was about to turn off the computer another lady comes up and jumps in, so i mention sorry we are closed, she tells me "no your not, you have time for me" and pushes the button! What is wrong with some people?The best part is when we are all packed up and rolling things out, people are still coming up...can I get a picture still?
How do you close your booth at the end of an event? Do you let the people who ask at the end in for pictures? How to kindly turn people away?


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  • buzzkcphoto
    We post a sign with our ours for the event. For weddings we've started putting a small one up under the screen. We'll typically let the client know about a half hour before ending to make sure they get the people in that they really want pictures of. We leave it up to them to make any announcements.
  • LorneChesal
    Yep. Comes back to setting expectations. Signage works not because they will read it, but because you can point to it later.

    Again, no other vendor faces this. When the bar closes, it just closes. Period. End of discussion. Buh bye.

    We make a judgment call on announcing we are closing soon. If the crowd has been well behaved, we do. If they've been jerks, we just close 'er up. I am quick to dismantle the background so it's clear we can't take "just one more"
  • Unknown
    I usually tell the Dj to make the last call for the Photo Booth within 15 min of ending, sometimes I might go 5 to 10 min. over, no big deal and then shut er down, Ba Bye. If there are two pb attendant's have one stand at the end of line to tell guests sorry were closed and be nice about it, unless it's the bride and groom or the host who paid you.If you are by yourself then turn your booth around so guests assume and see you are done and then the won't probably ask.
  • Gotcha
    We've never had problems THAT severe. Like you, I'll go over 5 or 10 minutes, especially if it's a large crowd. If it's a corporate event, I usually enlist help from the host to get the line shut down. If it's a wedding, I won't let anyone else get in line at five minutes past. I've never had anyone push in like that.One time, it got kind of bad and so we just started taking down the walls. If they continue to push the button with me in the background, taking down the walls, then that's fine with me. I've also hit ESC on the program quickly to avoid letting the next person in line. "I'm sorry, the program is already shut down." (With a smile on my face.)At a school, the entire staff wanted their photos taken after the students left. I went over 15 minutes that time. At quarter after, I raised my arms and said, "Last one!" I pointed to the clock and said, "We were supposed to shut down 15 minutes ago." They fortunately cooperated. But people asking when you're wheeling out? Ridiculous! You could sweetly say, "If the button will still work. Give it a try!" :)
  • Blacktieevents
    I have a sign saying 'The Photo Booth is now closed' I also tell the guests that come late that, yes we can stay later, it is only £50 per 30 extra minutes that usually shifts them but if they want to pay for the extra time I am happy to take their money :)
  • Unknown
    If I see a long line with still 5 minutes left on the clock, I flag down the Bride, Groom, Event Coordinator to warn them your time is up and if you want to go OT, most of the times they go for the OT fee @ $185 smackers, not bad.;)
  • skyhawk
    Wow, a lot of flashbacks from this summer in this thread.. The receptions that are specifically designated 'no kids' are usually the worst. We have the DJ make announcements at 1 hour, 30 minutes, then 15. Seems to work well. But what we usually try to do is have the booth end at the same time as the DJ, otherwise trying to shut down a booth before the 'party is over' is tough to do...
  • Jan
    We have the DJ announce last call for the photo booth about 15-20 min prior to closing. Quite often we go 5-10 min long because that seems to be when the bride & groom and their parents realize they want to go in again.

    We also recommend to the couple that we should close about half hour before the party is over because the DJ's like to get as many people on the dance floor as possible. I make sure we tell the DJ or band this early in the evening and it always makes them very happy and more willing to make announcements throughout the evening saying the booth is open. We also found that closing about half hour before party is over is much easier than at the end. We are shut down, packed up and out of there within 15 min. Just before everyone is streaming out.
  • cowboybooth
    you guys have it easy setting up and taking down in 15mins. Since my booth was designed by my Uncle and was pretty much the first booth he constructed, it takes us an hour setup and hour for take down. That includes the loading and unloading. But no complaints on the booth...kinda the first design with an all plexiglass rounded front ;-)
  • Blacktieevents
    It takes me an hour and a half to set up and to take down because my booth brakes down into many small pieces for transport in the back of a car
  • Martica
    We used to have the DJ's announce a last call 15 minutes prior to closing time. But at Bar Mitzvahs the kids would come running in groups and attack the booth. I stopped doing last calls.Now we go find the bride/groom or host and ask if they want any more pictures before we shut it down.
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