Photo booth printer installed IN or OUTSIDE the booth when doing memory books...

Thought I'd get some thoughts on what I prefer. Even though by booths are designed with an internal printer in the lower case, I actually prefer to have the DS40 right on the scrap booking table. It keeps the attendant's job easier having the printout right in front of her instead of having to reach over the table, or wait for the other attendant stationed at the booth to hand it to her. Seems MUCH more efficient and I actually prefer this way. With no scrapbook always have them inside the cases.


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  • Mike
    I agree with you on this one Scott. Inside under all but a few scenarios. For me they include functions with under age children and scrapbooks (don't do them any more but did this before ending them).
  • Jan
    Absolutly, My motto...the less the guests touch the less that gets broken.
  • Unknown
    Inside. I worked hard to hide all the non-essential

    components in order have the booth operation be as “magical” as possible. The

    printer catch tray matches my tower’s white exterior and is fabricated in such

    a way that nobody can see or reach the printer. We’re always close enough to it

    to grab the extra strip before they run away with it, in any case :-)
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