I found a good site for getting fonts, thought others may find it useful.


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  • Mike
    I am a bit leery on the licensing of that site Darren. They have no licenses with their fonts. Heck they don't even state who they are.
    Here are a few I am a fan of:
  • buzzkcphoto
    Oops, hadn't noticed there was no licensing info. Have used several fonts from there all scanned out fine before installing though.

    Thanks for posting the others, will do some browsing there.
  • Mike
    It is important to read the fine print for us all. Remember everyone when you are creating a template it is for commercial use and many fonts are free for personal use but cost for commercial use.
  • LorneChesal
    I've seen these sites before. Likely all the fonts are found free elsewhere and this person has simply "consolidated" them all to one site.

    If you notice, there is a way to "purchase" all the fonts in a download for a small processing fee. Wouldn't need many takers for those few dollars to add up over time.
  • Mike
    Too bad that part is completely illegal as most free licenses explicitly forbid the bundling and redistribution of items for profit. But it wouldn't take too long I suppose, then again these sites are really a dime a dozen these days. Its just finding the ones that adhere to licenses and ultimately protect you and your business in the end.
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