Updating Hiti 510 printer driver n firmware

Hiti is sending a "soft reminder" to upgrade the latest printer driver and firmware as they have a new color enhancement for the 510 series. The guy who sells me my Hiti paper/ribbons says if the update is not done, eventually a major issue/errors will occur. Has anyone upgraded/updated their driver and are there any issues? I'm always terrified of doing any updates and loosing settings.


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  • LorneChesal
    You *do* have to perform the update. The new paper is horrible without the new firmware and driver. Very blue and dark. You must not have bought paper in a few months. The paper changed in late August.

    That said, I didn't see much of a difference after the update. Just follow the instructions... even thouigh they are written in Engrish.

    Here are my notes from the process to my local HiTi guy...

    The instructions for the firmware are light and mostly in Engrish. I would add this... The printer's green light will flash for about 2-3 minutes as the firmware updates itself. This happens *after* running the BurnFW 3.4.1.exe program. Then the printer cycles itself and the light goes solid green.

    I then uninstalled the 3.2 Hiti driver and installed the driver. Standard driver install... meaning the printer is not attached during install. The driver isn't windows signed, so you'll get the standard error message. Choose "INSTALL THIS DRIVER ANYWAY"

    Of course, the Hiti driver install program warns you about the previous error/issue after you have dealt with it.

    After getting it installed, I ran off a few prints from my weekend event and they are now accurately printed.
  • Martica
    Thanks Lorne. Actually I buy paper every couple of weeks as I have events almost every weekend(2-4), but thought the "soft reminder" label was more of a recommendation. I didn't notice any changes to my prints so didn't see the need to update.Last night I uninstalled the hiti driver and went thru the install and firmware and ......ugggghh having issues. The driver doesn't reinstall and I've been on the phone with tech support and they cant figure out why. So still working on it. I have 3 events this weekend, one is a destination wedding in key Largo so I want to get this all done tonight so I won't be stressing any more than the norm.
  • LorneChesal
    sorry to hear that.

    I seem to remember reading to do the firmware with the current driver in place... then uninstall the current driver and install the new driver. Can you get the old driver to install? Maybe you can you roll back Windows (via System Restore) to the point where the old driver was installed.

    I thought the same when I got my first box of paper with the soft reminder. Like you, I thought.. pass.

    When I put the new paper in, I assume the chip in the ribbon ratted me out and the printer would not initialize. I had no choice. That's why I said you must update. Maybe they changed things. My printer was sourced in the US, but I get the paper from a Canadian source.

    BTW, I pay $125 a box for the same paper you folks get for $95. I am getting a second printer soon and if I buy it here, I'll pay $1550 for a DS40 over your street price of $1175.
  • photoboothlady
    Is this update for windows 7 computers too? I looked at the Hiti download site and the update was for windows 8. Can someone help me understand?
  • LorneChesal
    it looks like they don't provide older update files... so you are seeing only the very latest which now includes Windows 8 support.

    It *should* also still fully support Windows 7, and be the same driver we are talking about above with support for Windows 8. The Firmware update is also in that zip file... so it's an all-in-one type thing.

    The file name shows me this... Driver version & Firmware version 2.01.0.j

    My current driver is 3.3.025a and is dated July 12, 2012.
  • Martica
    Thanks Lorne, I was successful with one printer update. Tech support suggested I try using a new usb cord and actually, that seemed to be the problem. We did 2 events with this printer last weekend and no issues.
  • Martica
    Just updated the second printer and the install was successful. However, there's always a 'however'.......I keep getting an error message now about the 'paper mismatch'....uggghhh.. I've loaded new paper/ribbon and still getting that error message. I'll have to chat with tech support tomorrow again and figure this out. :-/
  • cowboybooth
    be VERY cautious when updating the firmware....I did it once on mine, and it glitched, or froze up and I had to send it in for repair...at first they told me I'd have to pay for a new board, but luckily they ended up doing it for free. bad news was, i had a gig 2 days away and had to run to imaging spectrum and purchase another printer, just to use for my gig :-(
  • photoboothlady
    Did the update today. With an event this Sat I did not want to take any chances, so I talked to Bill at Imaging Spectrum. He logged onto my computer and together we got the driver and firmware updated. Did a compleate shut down and start up twice and ran test prints. PERFECT! Highly recommend Bill. He is a wedding photog and photo booth operator too, really knows his stuff and is a very nice guy!
  • Unknown
    Make sure you are selecting the 6x4 Split (6x2 2 print)
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