how do you get the background picture IN FRONT of the photo??

I'm trying to create a template that puts part of the "background" photo on top of the actual photo that's being taken. How is this possible?


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  • photo_ells
    What software are you using for your booth?
    I don't know about boof and others but in breezesys it's a breeze (see what i did there) you will need to create an overlay.png file to do this with the bit that you want to appear on the top and everything else transparent.
    If you post samples of what you are after (even just the background file and also the photo layout with a sketch) it would make more sense and easier to describe what you need to do.
  • Mike
    To help everyone get answers quickly I wrote this
    If I remember correctly you are using Breeze @Minh. To add an overlay to your template you need to save a file called overlay.png and include it with your background.jpg.
  • Minh
    you rock! imma test this out :)
    so i jsut have the background.jpg and overlay.png in the same folder and it'll know what to do?
  • LorneChesal

    If you design the overlay effectively, there is no need for a background.jpg. Your entire layout is either booth image or overlay. You create the overlay to be edge-to-edge and "cut out" the bits where your booth images go.

    IMO much easier to control and visualize.
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